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Men of Duty

Men of Duty

Men of Duty

Type: Plot House: Neutral
Income:3 Initiative: 7 Claim: 1
Game Text:

Unique characters you control get +1 STR and a [Military], an [Intrigue], and a [Power] icon during the first challenge initiated this round.
Number: 80 Set: AHM
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Bill Corbett
Recent Decks: Baratheon: Power & Fury (Final Version 60 Cards)
First Baratheon Deck
Greyjoy goodstuff (melee)
greyjoy mill


The two most important words on this card make it better than Men of Honor (AHM) to me, "you control".
For the first challenge, having tricon uniques with a Strength boost sounds really good. I'd say two houses will be the most likely to use it, being Baratheon (more uniques then you can shake a stick at), and Targaryen (using a Dragon build).
Granted, the text on the site incorrectly syays it is Claim 2 when the picture shows Claim 1, but with initiative 7, it will be a good plot as you will likely go first and so be able to make the most of the boost.
Aug 20 2012 10:33 PM
finally be able to do an intrigue challenge successfully in a dragon deck...great card
The only thing that makes this less than stellar for most Dragon builds is they tend to run Heir to the Iron Throne (QoD) so that Intrigue icon nets you nothing in the standard build. However, if you go with a Griff (CD) based build using Dragon Bite (AE) and Dragon Fear (QoD), this would be an auto-include. Add in the new Dragon Egg (AHM) and you've got a potential recursive kill happening in your Dragon deck.

Still going to be hard to justify not running Heir. That double power challenge wins games with Dragons. Just sayin.
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Aug 21 2012 04:25 AM
We still see mostly KotHH with dragons in our meta, so this plot makes a lot of sense to add to that build.
I don't like the inconsistency between this plot and Men of Honour - one is for all uniques, the other only yours, one is for the first challenge "each phase", the other is "this round".

I think this plot would have been much more interesting if it gave all uniques the bonus and had claim 2 during the first challenge.
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Can see it fit in my Brotherhood deck
I first saw the 2 claim and was blown away, but having been corrected im not so sure.

I still think it will see a lot of play.
I have really been digging this card lately. Use it in my current Stark Defense deck for joust and it is terrific. No drawback, decent (not great) gold, high initiative (I want to go second), no drawback, and makes it really tough for an opponent to get a challenge through, and it has proven to be a great (although temporary) defense vs Burn, icon stripping, and Lanni intrigue/kneel decks.
Does this effect starts to work before or after the step: active player kneels attacking characters?
Apr 07 2013 01:02 PM
Before. The moment the first challenge is declared, before attackers have been knelt, it will kick in.
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