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Men of Honor

Men of Honor

Men of Honor

Type: Plot House: Neutral
Income:2 Initiative: 4 Claim: 1
Game Text:

Unique characters gain renown during the first challenge initiated each phase.
Number: 79 Set: AHM
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Dennis Chan
Recent Decks: Stark SoW
Bara Night's Watch
Jamie's Pure Amazing Night's Watch Deck
Greyjoy Raiders Alan Swift


Could be good to combo with Knights of the Storm (KotStorm) in Bara to make sure you're getting to pick what that first challenge is.
Also works nice with Shadow Politics (CoS) and/or Lucas Blackwood (GotC) if you trigger them outside the challenges phase.
Still... only 2 gold and 1 claim... and gives your opponent's characters the same benefit :s I doubt I'll ever want to play this card.
Also works nicely with Epic Phases.
It only gives you're opponents the same benefit if you're not gonna go first or win the challenge. With KotS, you're going to go first. Good addition for a Baratheon power rush deck, as likely you can afford to throw everything into a blue challenge for a game win.
My opponent can still use it as a defender for the first challenge :)

Don't you think Bara Rush already has enough Renown for most of its unique characters? Or at least many enough to want another plot card that does more?
doesnt seem all that great to me atm. gold and initiative is relatively low. chances are you wouldnt use this until mid-late game and I would in most cases probably prefer a nice claim 2 at that point. it doesnt really healp you when you have poor baord position or are in a pinch either. idk ill reserve my final judgment until later i guess.
I'm afraid but I have a noob question: what's the sense of "during the first challenge initiated each phase" when you can only make 1 first challenge during the challenge phase? :wacko:
Aug 16 2012 06:26 PM
Epic phase, or Activating a card like Lucas blackwood in the middle of the marshalling phase
I'm with most in that giving ALL unique characters Renown in the first challenge, when combined with low gold and initiative, makes this a plot that will go into my collection and never see the light of day.
Aug 21 2012 05:13 PM
I think it could be really effective in a Dragon deck personally. These decks tend to run the Fiefdoms anyways for additional initiative, also some use KotHH. Either way, being able to give your Dragons renown on top of the ability from Rhaegal (QoD) could very well be game winning.

And who cares if your opponent gets Renown also? You are (optimally) only playing this if you are really certain you are going to be first player. Also, I wouldn't say it is low initiative, but it is relatively low compared to the plots that all but guarantee you win initiative.
A Dragon deck could certainly make use of this if, like sloth says, you're already running Kingsroad Fiefdom (QoD). If you're relatively certain you're going to win Init - giving your opponent Renown on that first challenge will usually be meaningless (unless they have a trick or two up their sleeve to prevent you from winning that first challenge).
Too risky. Unless you know for sure you can win on the turn you play this. But as a finishing move, its pretty epic.
Jan 23 2013 02:24 AM
What happens when you switch into this plot during the challenges phase?
Jan 23 2013 03:28 AM

What happens when you switch into this plot during the challenges phase?

I presume you are curious what happens if this gets flipped after a challenge has already been initiated? My understanding of things suggests that the plot effect wouldn't kick in. I believe this is similar to Focused Offense (QoD) where a specific limitation is put into place that effects the game mechanics even if the plot comes into play later.
I used this card along with Ahead of the Tide (WotN) to make sure I can win initative, followed by We Do Not Sow (TPoL) and of course having Longship Grief (CD) helps as well. I've collected quite a bit of power in one turn.

Not to mention throwing in Make an Example (PotS). And saving your Seasick (KotS) to cancel Knights of the Storm.