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Unique Pentos

Type: Location House: Baratheon Greyjoy Lannister Martell Stark Targaryen
Game Text:
Free Cities. Kingdom.
Lower the cost of the first out-of-House [Targaryen] card you play each round by 1.
Lower the cost of the first Army character you play each round by 1.
[+1 Influence]
Number: 58 Set: CD
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Jarred Blando
Recent Decks: Kingdom Come
Targaryen Tattered Prince
Quest To The East
The Royal Coup
Martell Melee Rhaenys's Hill


Top picks for me...
  • Pike Phalanx (QoD) FTW!
  • Jorah's Cohorts (QoD) if you need some attachment control.
  • Hired Swords (QoD), cheap army with NO downside.
Not to be too much of a douche - but since you used caps and all; the Merc trait actually IS a bit of a downside ;)

But yes. This location seems very nice! Along with Manning the City Walls, this opens up for some serious army decks.
Haha - well, fair enough. But, there's only a little Merc hate in the game (at least it's not an Ally).
That is true - and to weigh up, the Army trait has instead benefits.
Indeed it does. Indeed it does. Frankly, seeing Pike in a Stark Siege deck is a little, shall we say, frightening?
I don't get this card. You play out of house Targaryen Armies? How does this benefit an Army deck. I mean sure you can get a Pike Phalanx for 2 Gold but the first effect is weird...

Also, 1 Influence, yay!
you are reading it wrong, because it is the other way around (these locations are meant to be used in decks that don't match with the house symbol used in the first reducer). The first reducer is a benefit if you are playing any house deck that isn't targaryen. So basically if you are playing a stark deck, and you have this location in play, you could play Pike Phalanx (QoD) for 3 gold instead of 5 since both reducers are activated. Even better if you are running a treaty agenda allied with targaryen, you could play pike phalanx for 1 gold.
This also applies a -1 discount for any in-house armies, too.
And neutral :)
With these, I'm all about the in house bonus and influence. The out of house reduction is gravy. (Stack the army and merc ones and you could get some crazy discounts!)
Does it lower the cost of a shadow army when it comes out of shadows?

For example Free Cities Mercenaries?
No it doesn't.

No it doesn't.

Care to explain the reason? I am new here. When you bring a card out of shadows dont you pay the cost? Since the reduction is something always active (doesnt need to take an action) shouldnt automatically reduce the cost by 1?

Or first I pay the cost and then I bring the card out of the shadows?
Sep 29 2012 04:36 AM
Someone may need to correct me if I'm wrong, but the reason is that you are not "playing" the card, you're paying the rest of the gold cost and "putting it into play". It's a distinction that trips up even experienced players. Check section 4.4 under Rules clarification of the FAQ. In this cast the cost reduction from Myr only applies when you "play" a card from your hand.
but I don't understand...it is the lower cost on an out of house tar card or for a tar card when u aren't playing house tar?
is it*
Dec 05 2012 05:03 AM
Out-of-house is defined as a card not belonging to your house card affiliation. It is often referred to as OOH cost, which is 2 extra gold for cards outside of your house affiliation. I suppose the sentence structure could use some work on these locations, but they definitely refer to reducing the cost of a single house (in this case Targ), provided it does not match your current house affiliation.

As an example, say you are playing House Stark, have Pentos in play and want to play the Pike Phalanx (QoD), you ask:
Is Targ my house affiliation? - no, you have a Stark house card.
This means that Targ cards are OOH (outside your current house affiliation) and the first card of that type will be reduced by 1. It also means the first army character you play will be reduced by 1. In this example, the Phalanx would only cost 3.
Worth noting is also that since it isn't the additional gold cost that is lowered but just its cost, you could combine it with cards like Alliance (PotS) to play the OOH card cheaper then its printed gold cost :)
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