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Sellsword Deserter

Sellsword Deserter

Sellsword Deserter

Type: Character House: Targaryen
Cost: 1 Strength: 2 Icons: Military,Intrigue
Game Text:
Ally. Refugee.
Ambush. House Targaryen only.
Characters with the Ally or Refugee trait get -1 STR.
Challenges: Discard an attachment from your hand to return Sellsword Deserter from your discard pile to your hand.
Number: 56 Set: CD
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Raymond Bonilla
Recent Decks: Targ KotHH MegaBurn
Targ - Kings of Summer - 1st Place Manila Store Championship (FAQ 5.0)
House of Dreams - Attachments cicle without end
burn practice V1.0
Dragon Ambush


Jul 17 2012 04:18 AM
Timed correctly this could be really useful in various burn decks.
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Jul 17 2012 05:47 AM
So. He is an ally AND a refugee. Is his constant effect applied once or twice to himself?
Oh my. I loved it at first sight, but coming to think of it, he would probably hurt my own deck more then my opponent's - seems as if Trag has many STR 2 allies that are played in burn, which makes him discard all your chars on a Threat from the North turn.

And too bad the return wasn't from dead pile - would have made for some nice claim soak rotation with Daenery's Chambers.
@slothfgodfather - I'm pretty sure the wording makes it only a -1. Characters with either trait would get a -1. But - this is a non-unique, so if you happen to have two out... then you've got a -2, and so on... could get interesting considering (as Laxen points out) the sheer number of Targ Allies.

But, I agree with emptyrepublic... timed right, this could be great, especially with Magister Illyrio (VM) in play.
as said above, use it with Magister Illyrio (VM). just like Dragon Knight (TBC) and Queen's Knight (TWot5K), this is a good card to bounce back to your hand in summer burn with Summer Encampment (SA), and being cost 1 its very cost effective for ambush abuse

I just dont understand why they decided to not give him immunity to his own effect, seems kind of illogical to reduce your own str.
Probably just for high risk - high reward. I don't see too much harm in using this card, try usingDaenerys Targaryen (GotC) to balance it out.