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Victarion's Reavers

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Victarion's Reavers

Unique Victarion's Reavers

Type: Character House: Greyjoy
Cost: 7 Strength: 7 Icons: Military, Power
Game Text:
Army. Raider.
No attachments. Lower the cost to play Victarion's Reavers by 1 for each unique [Greyjoy] character you control.

If you win a challenge in which Victarion's Reavers attacked alone, instead of the normal claim effects, the losing player chooses and discards X locations he or she controls from play. X is the printed claim on your revealed plot card.
Number: 50 Set: CD
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: David Nash
Recent Decks: saved greyjoys
Greyjoy unopoosed saves
Greyjoy Saves (no agenda)
GJ Saves - (4-0) Store Champs--Common Ground Games, Dallas
Greyjoy Raider


Luck out with Manning the City Walls (CD) if you get this card in your starting hand and swiftly choke your opponent by never letting them have reducing or gold locations.
Doesn't even need that much luck - if you're playing MtCW and three copies of this one, the chances are pretty good that you get it in your opening hand :)

But yes, it's a very solid start. And I'm happy (at least while I'm on the right side of the table) that they can trigger their second ability during Power challenges too - making them generate good cards and gold advantage early on if one is not planning to rush for power, not having to "sacrifice" the military claim that other characters may push through.
Jul 20 2012 05:31 PM
Looks like his ability is passive and not triggered. If you need normal claim you would always need to assign at least 2 characters. Thanks a bummer but nice that it can't be cancelled if you are looking to discard locations.
I prefer it this way. Gives some cancel protection, but requires some additional thought before using. But most of all, passive abilities are so much cleaner :)
One great factor about this card that should be noted is that the claim replacement effect means HoD locations are not immune. Playing it first turn can be a great way to mess up your opponent's game plan.
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Jan 16 2013 11:20 PM
If I could, I would "like" your post twice!