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Yezzan's Grotesquerie

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Yezzan's Grotesquerie

Yezzan's Grotesquerie

Type: Character House: Lannister
Cost: 3 Strength: 3 Icons: Intrigue, Power
Game Text:
The East.
While Yezzan's Grotesquerie is participating in a challenge, characters with a [Military] icon do not count their STR.
Flavor Text: Count yourselves fortunate, for Yezzan is a kindly and benevolent master.
Number: 43 Set: CD
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Jasper Sandner
Recent Decks: PBTT Lannister Intrigue/kneel
Lanni Challenge Control
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It is pleasing to see that there are no negative traits on this, so that is a thumbs up from me. The ability is interesting, as against some houses you could try and push through an unapposed challenge easily. No added benefit from using Infamy however :(

But it shares a growing problem, in that there are already solid cards occupying my 3 cost slot, and I find many of my best cards are there, so dropping something for this could be tough.
Seems like much fun with some symbol manipulation :D
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I think he will be a boost to pbtt decks.
Aug 09 2013 01:06 PM
What happens on military challenges if I attach Rusted Sword to Yezzan?
If Yezzan's Grotesquerie is participating in said challenge, then your opponent has the right to reach across the table and slap you silly.

The challenge still resolves even if the total strength on both sides is 0. Nobody wins the challenge. Nobody loses the challenge.

From the Core rule book:

The player whose side has the highest total STR wins the challenge. Tied STR goes to the attack- er, as long as the attacker has at least 1 total STR on his side. (A challenge may not be won by an attacker or defender whose total STR is less than 1, or who has no participating characters when the challenge is resolved.)
Aug 09 2013 02:17 PM
You should still be able to initiate a military challenge, as his strength is not ACTUALLY zero, but you but you could not win, as I am fairly sure that you can't win a challenge with zero strength... the only way I see this working is in a maester/clansman deck (which is super fun, by the way):

Give Yezzan Rusted Sword, then use one of the kneel-to-trigger links to kneel a maester with no military icon to trigger Copper Link and give the maester the clansman trait. Using Rise of the Mountain Clans, you may now win a military challenge initiated by Yezzan's Grotesquerie.

You COULD do it. sounds like a lot of work, though, as fond as I am of maester/clansman...
Aug 09 2013 03:04 PM
Even if I have The Shadow Tower?
The Shadow Tower adds the Str to the challenge, and not to the characters. So that Str is counted.
Aug 09 2013 03:52 PM
The Grotesquerie states that characters will a MIL icon do not count their STR when it is participating in a challenge. This includes itself, so since all the characters involved in the MIL challenge don't count their STR you are effectively attacking with 0 STR and your opponent is blocking with 0 STR. If left that way, no one wins. No one loses.

Now, adding in The Shadow Tower (TWH) with the ability: "Kneel The Shadow Tower to add 2 to your total STR during any challenge in which you control at least 1 participating Night's Watch character."

This doesn't say you are adding STR to a character. It is adding it to your challenge total. So assuming you also have a Night's Watch character and use the Tower - you are attacking for 2. The melee titles work the same way - providing their challenge bonus to the challenge total, not to any individual character.

ps. It helps to link the cards with the card popup link tool or at least copy/paste the ability. :D
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Aug 09 2013 05:23 PM
I always feel bad about it, But but the link function doesn't work on my tablet...
is The Red Viper (pots) inmune to Yezzan s Grotesquerie (CD)?? i think yes because the yezzan s abilitie is a character abilitie and target the red viper as a character with military icon, and he s inmunto to that.
He is immune.