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Type: Attachment House: Greyjoy Stark
Game Text:
House Greyjoy or House Stark only.

Attached characters gains the Traitor trait and the text: "If you do not win dominance, discard this character from play."

Response: After Turncloak comes out of Shadows during the challenges phase, attach it to an opponent's character.
Crest: Shadow
Number: 2 Set: VM
Quantity: 3 Illustrator:
Recent Decks: Income denial
Stark Shadows grow long in Winter v2
Army of the North
Arya's Story v.2


sick card, yeah...2 gold to come out, but still, zero cost, which in turns can basically change the whole battle of play...since you can attach this to basically a POWERFUL card, then that player HAS to think about winning dominance to keep that card in play...Honestly, I'm gonna try 2-3x in my deck, see how it works out.
It's sad that you can only bring it out of shadows during the challenges phase, else you could really be a pain in the neck
I had missed that detail Atticus. Thanks.
This mean that i have to bring this card out of shadows in the shadow phase that is between the challenge and marshalling phase? or actually in the middle of the challenge phase?
at the beggining of the challenge phase.
According to the FAQ, this card can be brought out before dominance is calculated because there's always that window at the beginning of every phase.
It can be brought out at the start of the dominance phase, but the only way attachments can come out of the shadows AND not immediately be discarded is by triggering their response. Given that the response only triggers if it's the start of the challenge phase, bringing it out at the start of the dominance phase is basically discarding it for all intents and purposes.
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