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Unique Volantis

Type: Location House: Baratheon Greyjoy Lannister Martell Stark Targaryen
Game Text:
Free Cities. Kingdom.
Lower the cost of the first out-of-House Greyjoy card you play each round by 1.
Lower the cost of the first Mercenary character you play each round by 1.
[+1 Influence]
Number: 17 Set: VM
Quantity: 3 Illustrator:
Recent Decks: Targ Mercenaries
Kingdom Come
New dragons
Targaryen Tattered Prince
Martell Icon Choke


I envision a world where Knights of the Hollow Hill rules the world for Martell, Targaryen, and Lannister blowing up locations with Newly Made Lord. Seems good to me.
Would this affect Southron Mercenaries (TBoBB) coming out of shadows?
May 15 2012 05:32 PM
Sadly, no it wouldn't Keggy. There are next to nil cards that reduce the cost of coming out of shadows. Hidden Chambers (CoS) is actually the only one I'm aware of. Also, the cost of playing into shadows can only be reduced by specific cards such as: City of Lies (CoS) and Twilight Market (AToT)
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Keggy - Under Targ Shadow Seer (FtC) can also help you put a Shadows card into Shadows for free. It's conditional - you have to win a challenge they participated in. But it can be an effective cost savings there. Doesn't help you bring anything out of shadows though.
Couldn't they have chosen a more interesting combination of Traits?

I noticed I was running quite many mercenaries in my Targ Knight/Burn deck (Exiled Knight, Dragon Thief etc), so I thought maybe the Merc cost lowering location would be nice, since it is able to both work as a reducer and provide me with the oh so necessary influence. I made a quick search for GJ Mercenaries to see if there was any interesting options around that then would be made available to me at an ordinary gold cost...

The only options are Pirates of Orkmont and Mercenaries from Pyke. (since "all" 2 others are House GJ only). Not a terribly uninteresting cards (Intimidate can be interesting along with burn for example). But still. Nothing that got my juices flowing.

I really want to build around one of these locations for my Knight deck for some reason. I've always been a fan of multicoloring and splashing other houses into my decks. If anyone have any tips, please share. Else I'll just have to wait for the rest of the cycle (which I assume it is?) and hope that the Bara location grants me some fun Knights options to splash :)

(Maybe I should have posted this in the forum instead... eh.)
Yeah, I honestly can't think of any other trait they could've used though for GJ. Army maybe?
Jun 21 2012 01:59 PM
Army is going Targ, at least thats my bet. Ally on lanni and knight on bara. Really GJ got boned on theirs.
Well yeah, Army would make more sense in Targ, but I don't really see any cohesive trait in GJ that would make sense OOH. Ironborn or Raider would work as a cohesive trait, but not OOH. GJ doesn't need any help anyway. :P
Jun 21 2012 02:49 PM
It seems to me they chose the house/trait as they did to keep the cards less powerful. Granted the stark/lady one will see more play than this one I imagine, but I highly doubt they will pick very highly populated traits for the other houses either.
Ye, I guess you are right that GJ doesn't have any other trait that really fits the purpose. Raider would have been interesting though, making Newly Made Lord (TftH) etc playable OOH. But maybe GJ gets any interesting Mercs in the upcoming sets :)

And maybe Targ gets Armies, ye. But it seems as if that's a too broad trait compared the versions we've seen. The same is true for Bara knights and Allies for any house I suspect, although Bara knights would be extremely interesting for my deck ;P

Lower the cost of the first out-of-House Greyjoy card you play each round by 1

We had a discussion about which cost are lowered.

Is it (1) oder (2) and why?
1) I´m playing House Greyjoy. The cost of every [out of house Greyjoy] character is lowered by 1. --> So this would apply for Arya Stark (Core) e.g.

2) I´m playing House Stark. The cost of every [out of house] [Greyjoy character] is lowered by 1. --> So this would apply for Bloodthirsty Crew (OSaS) e.g.

I´m pretty sure it´s (2) but I can´t argue for it based on a rule
Nov 07 2012 03:52 PM
The term "out of house" is a not to be mistaken by how some people talk, like when they say they are running a Brotherhood deck out of House Martell. Yet they also could say they are running The Red Viper OOH in their Stark Noble deck, which would correctly identify that TRV does not match their house affiliation and is outside their house.

"Out of House" (or OOH) is defined within the game as being cards that do not match your house card affiliation. So, this reduces the first GJ card you play each round, provided that GJ is not your house card affiliation (meaning the GJ character is outside of your house of choice).

It will also reduce the first Merc you play each turn, regardless of house affiliation.

So you are correct on thinking it is #2.