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By Sword or By Guile

By Sword or By Guile

By Sword or By Guile

Type: Event House: Targaryen
Game Text:
House Targaryen only.
Response: After you win a [Military]
or [Power] challenge as the attacker, cancel the claim effect of that challenge. Then, move up to 3 power from the losing opponent’s House card to your House card. (Limit 1 per phase.)
Number: 114 Set: A Dire Message
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Antonio Maínez
Recent Decks: No decks currently use this card.


Aug 13 2014 10:54 PM
The card reads "if you win a military or intrigue challenge" but in the written section its reads "if you win a military or power". I'm guessing its what's on the card , and if so I really like this card, do a power challenge and then win another challenge and claim three more. If this is used with pyat is his passive ability canceled? I would think so, but not sure

I have to read the tea leaves a bit, but Pyat Pree's ability has always been referred to as a "Claim replacement." Further, his text reads "instead of normal claim effects."


Since this does not contain the word "normal" claim effects (If it did, Pree's passive would leave no normal claim for this to replace) I would expect it is playable when Pree is attacking alone.

I think it is playable, and would cancel Pyat Pree's abiity.

How does this work's with Red Vengeance. If opponent win a challenge, then u play RV. Can he play By sword or by guile? or last word in RV change this because opponent become "as the defender" ?

Those 2 events do not conflict. First you play Red Vengeance as a response to losing a challenge, opponent satisfies the claim, then after rewarding unopposed, renown and other passives, opponent can play this event.

Edit: Actually, I believe I'm mistaken. It's the same response window for both events and they do not prevent or influence one another. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, again.

Yes, both this and RV are claim canceling and replacing effects, so they both must be used in the same step of the Framework Action. However, one can be used right after the other with the net effect of up to 3 power moving from a House card to the same House card (essentially nothing happens). So if you get hit with RV, you can use this to nullify the claim effects.

Actually, if this is played after RV it will override it and move 3 power from the loser's House Card. I was thinking that the effect of RV would still target the chosen player as the loser, but its effect only states that the chosen player fulfills claim as if they had lost. Therefore, this card's effect would still target the actual loser of the challenge.


Also, this can't be countered with RV since it cancels the claim effect, but doesn't have an 'instead' in its wording, so the effect of this card is not a claim replacement like I previously stated. Actually, after this card resolves calim is completely canceled.


Sorry everyone!

Ah, I don't know anymore! RV doesn't have an 'instead' in its text either so I have no idea now.

I guess it depends on who played first and who responded first. Not sure.

you win challenge opponent plays RV, choosing you to take the claim, you respond with this , and cancel the claim and take 3 power. nb. your response is to framework action of winning the challenge not opponents RV but the window is still open for you to play. And if you played this first, RV will have no effect as there is no claim for them to shift.

Sep 20 2014 08:49 AM

Harls, both effects (RV and BSorG) cancel claim and so are in the Save/Cancel step (2) of the Framework Action event for implementing claim, but neither is "claim replacement".  So whoever plays their event that cancels claim first is the one that gets to resolve and the other can no longer be played since claim was already cancelled.   Note that the first player gets the first response in all Framework Action Windows.

i stand corrected, probably should have went and read the RV text instead of running from memory

just wanted to make sure, seemed like it wasn't a for sure. if you play this when Pyat attacks alone, do you get both or just the event?



I would say that this triggered response would cancel the passive claim effect of Pyat Pree.

Just the event.

Pyat Pree replaces the claim, changing the way it resolves for the challenge. This event cancels the claim so that it never resolves in the first place, leaving nothing for Pyat to change. (The 3 power is an event effect, not a replacement or a change of the claim.)