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You Murdered Her Children

You Murdered Her Children

You Murdered Her Children

Type: Event House: Martell
Game Text:

House Martell only. Prized 2.
Response: After you lose a challenge as the defender, kneel 2 influence to choose and discard an attacking character from play. Then, search the deck and hand of that character's controller for any number of copies of that character and discard them. Then, shuffle the deck.
Number: 12 Set: SoW
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Mark Bulahao
Recent Decks: Rivers of Blood
Martell Summer Dayne


Mar 05 2014 03:56 AM
LOVE this! <3
They finally reprinted this card. I loved this card back in the day, but the prized 2 is going to make it more of a challenge on when to play.

Do not look at this art again if you don't want spoilers for the new episode. I can't believe I waited 2 weeks for the new episode and then got it spoiled by this :(

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Jun 04 2014 09:55 AM

It doesn't seem all that good for a Prized 2 card, particularly against Baratheon's with their easy recovery of characters from their discard piles. Additionally if the nominated character is saved from being discarded none of the 'Then,...' text occurs so you won't even be able to remove any remaining copies.

Sep 25 2014 03:31 PM
Kinda late, but that episode must have been mind blowing for kelnira.
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Sep 25 2014 06:03 PM


Kinda late, but that episode must have been mind blowing for kelnira.

This is an accurate description.

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