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Unique Shagwell

Type: Character House: Neutral
Cost: 2 Strength: 2 Icons: Military,Intrigue
Game Text:
Fool. Mercenary.
Prized 1. Deadly.
If you are running the Neutral Faction House card, Shagwell gains, "Response: After you play a Mercenary character, choose and kneel a non-Army character. (Limit once per round.)"
Flavor Text: "You mustn’t hurt sweet Shagwell, I’m too droll to die."
Number: 38 Set: TCP
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Rafal Hrynkiewicz
Recent Decks: No decks currently use this card.


Does anyone else think of Austin Powers when they see this card?

"Felicity Shagwell, CIA. Shagwell by name shag-very-well by reputation."

Onto analysis, if this ability wasn't neutral-house only, it'd be amazing for Lannister Hyperkneel.
"If you are running the Neutral Faction House card"

I am so happy to see this. Please FFG, make Neutral Fac worth playing!
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im trying to make a merc deck that works, sadly without the tattered prince dead it doesnt, so you HAVE to play summoned by the conclave 1st turn, then hope to get the prince dead.... but if you use the summon for the prince then you cant guarantee getting shagwell.... the nuet house cards penalty on pretty much all the cards your gunna want cripples you early game, then when you do get the gold needed, your opp is already mile ahead in both chars and pow. making it too hard to come back from.
More on the Lannister interaction, I note that Gold Cloak Mercenaries would also feed well into the same deck as this guy, if they weren't Lannister-only!

As to cheap mercenaries, I reckon Disgruntled Mercenary would be an awesome companion: 0 cost repeatable kneel effect. Yes please!

Maybe there's some room here for Neutral with City of Shadows for the former.

For the latter, Neutral with Targaryen Conquest: not so good, as that'd be Prized 1 triggering non stop on the Disgruntled Mercenaries. Alliance or Treaty though, has more potential...
its not cost 0 for the disgruntled merc though as with a neut house card it adds 1 to OOH, and you have to pay OOH for the free citys that reduce the OOH and trait cards, thats why neut faction doesnt see the play id like, the gold curve is so hard to manage
In his favour, the Disgruntled Merc would not give power for prized when going back to hand - prized only triggers from discard or kill.

Also note City of Shadows would give you Alchemists Guild Hall and Black Cells for a good control theme to go with Shagwell's kneel - throw in Cape Wrath to repeat the effect.
I'd love to see Neutral House no-agenda become a viable option.
Even if this guys effect was ''after playing an OOH merc'' i would build a deck around it, but the neut only bit is too much of a hamper