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The Lost Message

The Lost Message

The Lost Message

Type: Plot House: Neutral
Income:3 Initiative: 0 Claim: 1
Game Text:
Prized 1. When revealed, choose and discard an attachment from play.
Number: 40 Set: TCP
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Ian Kirkpatrick
Recent Decks: No decks currently use this card.


Goodbye, seasons.
Apr 16 2014 07:24 PM
I think that's a bit alarmist. Taking one slot out of seven for 3 0 1 AND prized 1 JUST to maybe get rid of a raven if your opponent has one? WAY too situational to see any play, IMHO.
The unrestriction of the two original seasons agendas might help this, but I have to agree. They appear to have VASTLY overestimated the value of being able to fry a raven.

I think the biggest issue is that the current boogieman attachment (Mel's Favor) never exists during the plot phase. Neither does burn, generally. For these stats and prized I'd only consider this if it was an any phase once per round ability.

They'd have to restrict the Carrion Birds (unlikely) for this to see play as is, and even then I doubt it.
Wrong, this slots into every Old Way deck built around LMB.
Think about the kind of attachment removal there is. Targ has all of the best attachment removal, and before Viserys, they only have Meereenese Brothel to discard the new unique Title attachments and still be able to claim their Prized power(Stark could Frozen Solid them, but then Prized would be blank). If the new Title attachments ever become too common somehow, this can at least be used as a meta call to get rid of them.

The plot stats are crummy. The Prized 1 is crummy. The possibility of it being a dead plot is very real. It's not a good plot to have in a lot of plot decks. I think it's good the plot exists though as it will be either in a Defiance deck or will be a 100% meta call.

I also think that it could be a reasonable Melee plot though(even with Prized 1). Attachments are a lot more prevalent in Melee games and they can easily be reasons a player wins or loses games(due to a Milk of the Poppy or whatever).
May 03 2014 07:19 PM
Ill tidings is so much better than this.