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Longship Iron Wind

Longship Iron Wind

Unique Longship Iron Wind

Type: Location House: Greyjoy
Game Text:
Prized 1.
Challenges: Kneel Longship Iron Wind to put a character with printed cost 2 or lower into play from your hand.
Flavor Text: No man had ever loved his wives half as well as the Lord Captain loved his ships.
Number: 86 Set: The Prize of the North
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Tomasz Jedruszek
Recent Decks: No decks currently use this card.


I like this card.


Anyone got any good suggestions for OOH characters that might work particularly well with this?



I was thinking a cheeky combo.... Bring Old Nan in with this, add the dragon trait to the best character on your opponents field, take it with the horn of dragons. probably quite tricky to pull off, but when it does it would be laugh!

OOH Characters that stand out to me for this card are:

Dragon Ambasador (ADM)

Hellholt Engineer (CbtC)

House Dayne Escort (TPotN)

Willas Tyrell (VM)

Brightwater Men-at-arms is a 3 of in any Bara deck. I'd say a deck that gets around the OOH penalty can fit at least 1 in.
Hellholt Engineer works well with all those Warships.
Lucas Blackwood at the right time will effectively give you a free mil challenge.
Marya Seaworth gives double use of a beefy character.

Cards that have a penalty when played from your hand (rather than put into play) are an option too - such as

Knight of the Red Fork - if you go for a war crest theme his strength and icons are decent enough to be worth it.
Scavengers of - good icons and strength. Not totally convinced I'd risk the OOH ones though.

Possibly too janky, but a surprise Umber champion - think of him as an event card in this case. Standing your whole board has a lot of use, especially if you went for, say, a Maester deck with 3 x Iron Wind and 3 x Umber Champion for repeated chainage.

Does that mean you can put a Shadows card into play from your hand? I'm guessing yes.


And is it just the printed cost to bring them out of Shadows, or does it include the cost to put the card into Shadows? I'm not sure about this one, but it does say "printed cost".

Jan 13 2015 08:47 AM

I'm not sure about whether Shadows cards can be put directly into play with this card but I do know that printed cost of Shadows cards is always including the 2 gold cost to put it into shaodws (so s1 for example is printed cost 3 - 2 to put into Shadows plus 1)

You can put Shadows character into play. "Put into play" effects circumvent shadow rules.

Shadow cards are only required to be played into Shadows. "Put into play" effects do not require Shadow cards to go through the Shadow area first. When calculating the "printed cost" of a Shadow card, the "s" counts for 2 (in the Shadow rules), so only "s0" cards could be put into play with this card.