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Aegon's Blade

Aegon's Blade

Unique Aegon's Blade

Type: Attachment House: Targaryen
Game Text:
While attached character has a Military icon, it gains +2 STR. While attached character has an Intrigue icon, it gains stealth. While attached character has a Power icon, it gains renown.
Number: 102 Set: Core
Quantity: 1 Illustrator: John Goodenough
Recent Decks: Targaryen War Crest Dothraki
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Targaryen 2x Core


One of the more playable positive attachments, Aegon's Blade gives a pretty solid return on a 1 gold investment during the very next challenge phase and the Weapon trait makes it slightly more survivable than Condition attachments.
Great attachment.
This card seems extremely powerful. It provides a Tricon character with a strength boost an two rather powerful abilities. Seems like a no brainier to me, however I am just a noob
Its a nice card - and Targ does have a decent number of tricons that can use it to its fullest.

For some reason I really like the surname of the illustrator too!
->Lester Crow

It is good, but its certainly not overpowered. As an attachment without setup, its filling a narrow set of cards within any non-KotHH deck, and in a KotHH deck its competing against many other very good Targaryen attachments.

Also, to get the most out of it you need a tricon character with neither stealth or renown.

So certainly its a good card, but not a no-brainer auto-include.

What is the difference between "gets" and "gains" in the text on this card.  I know that "gains" is considered to be a gained character ability.  Does "get's" work the same way?  

Yes. They function the same. It is not unusual to see "gets" paired with STR modifiers and "gains" with pretty much everything else.

Ok, that's what I thought.  The wording just seemed a bit strange.  Thanks!