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Bones of a Child

Bones of a Child

Bones of a Child

Type: Attachment House: Targaryen
Game Text:
Challenges: Discard Bones of a Child from play (cannot be saved) to lower the Claim value on an opponent's revealed plot card by 1 for the duration of the challenge.
Number: 104 Set: Core
Quantity: 1 Illustrator: James Brady
Recent Decks: Targaryen 2x Core
Targaryen Dragons Skopje Edition
Targ Attachments
targ na tashak
Starting Targ


Bones of a Child is best when it can be reliably recurred to lower opponent's claim each turn. I'm not sure that I would play it without the recursion, but with the right engine, this can be a very powerful way to hamper the opponent.
Dec 03 2013 07:22 AM
Well it means for the whole duration of the phase of challenges? Or the reduction is just for the duration of a single challenge,(power challenge for example)?
Only for the challenge during which it was activated.
Dec 03 2013 07:53 AM
Can I attach this to a location?
No. Attachments can only be attached to characters, unless it specifically says so on the card (Dragon Egg, Frozen Solid, etc).
Couldn't agree more with Kennon.

Without recursion, its just 1 card for 1 cards worth of reduction. Reduce an intrigue challenge at a cost of 1 card? Prevent a death at a cost of 1 card? Thats just breakeven, and no card advantage, and the gain in control / board position is more than countered by the fact that its a non-setup attachment.

Being Targaryen saves this card from uselessness, because of Lady Daenerys Chambers.
May 03 2014 07:53 PM
It says discard from play, does this just mean put it in the discard pile or does it come under the "removed from play rule" meaning it cant be recycled with something like Queen Deanerys Chambers?