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Unique Bronn

Type: Character House: Lannister
Cost: 3 Strength: 3 Icons: Military, Power
Game Text:
Knight. Mercenary.
Deadly. No attachments.
Any Phase: Pay 2 gold to choose a character. Until the end of the phase, if that character would be killed and Bronn is kneeling, stand Bronn instead of killing that character.
Number: 44 Set: Core
Quantity: 1 Illustrator: Natascha Roeoesli
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Not exactly what I had in mind when I envisioned Bronn. I see someone more smug and confident and less mysterious looking.
looks good to me - very "ruffian" looking, and dangerous...
Deadly bicons are incredibly useful, particularly for Lannister, so this Bronn has had a home in my Lannister decks for a long time. The ability is something that I use less often, but does have some nice implications. Still, it's pretty expensive to keep trying to use turn after turn.
After using Bronn's ability, do you still get to trigger responses as if the choosen character has been killed?
By that do you mean things like using Parting Blow or getting 2 cards for Cletus Yronwood?

I'd have said no since Bronn's ability happens instead of killing the character. But apparently Darkstar's ability, which occurs if he would be discarded, still counts him as being discarded, so for consistency I now believe the answer is yes. But then how that would work with charagendas I have no idea! If the answer is no can someone explain the difference between these 2 cases to me as they look identical.

If that is the case I can see him featuring nicely in a Martell knight deck, since you can gain a lot of power and cards off Quentyn and Cletus.

Sep 14 2013 01:11 PM
The answer is actually no. Ktom explains this reasoning here. Basically there are two types of replacement effects. Darkstar has one, where the moribund destination is being replaced. Bronn has the other, where the entire effect has been replaced. Thus, for MIL claim, no character died - a character stood. That is the "effect" that you can trigger responses to.
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So why doesn't Darkstar's text instead say "At any time Darkstar would be placed in your discard pile, put him into play instead"? It says discard, which is an effect as well as a destination surely?

I just read Ktom's response, the answer is because of poor use of English. Sorry, but saying "instead" straight out says "instead of X", otherwise its just a wasted word. This kind of thing isn't a good one to explain to newer/casual players like myself and my group.
Sep 15 2013 03:35 PM
There are going to be more counter-intuitive cards I'm sure and I don't disagree that the semantics and grammar in this game are severely lacking a well structured template. You can submit the question to FFG. They have been known to answer differently before.
So lets say my opponent has only 1 character (without deadly), and they use it to block Bronn in a military challenge. Could I pay two gold, name that character, stand Bronn when that character would have been killed for claim, then laugh as that character dies for deadly?
Sep 17 2013 05:11 PM

Just another question on this guy: according to the Challenges phase flowchart, his ability can be triggered at 3 player action windows: 1) Right before active player declares challenge type and opponent, 2) right after active player kneels attacking characters, and 3) right after defending player kneels def. characters. Is this correct?

So, his effect can be used to ''save'' a character before the resolution of the challenge. I mean that there is a small time spent before this effect takes places.

For example, you can pay 2 gold in the1st PAW and choose acharacter that you suspect he will be killed for mil. claim a few steps ahead. Then you can use the rest of Bronn's ability, to save him by standing Bronn. You cannot simply apply  all of his response at once.

Dec 29 2014 03:25 PM

seems correct.

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