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Building Season

Building Season

Building Season

Type: Plot House: Neutral
Income:4 Initiative: 1 Claim: 1
Game Text:

When revealed, choose an opponent. Then, you and that opponent must each search your decks for a location, reveal it, and put it into your hands. Then, shuffle your decks.
Number: 195 Set: Core
Quantity: 1 Illustrator: Tomasz Jedruszek
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The plots that let you and an opponent search are a bit of a mixed bag. In melee, they're a great way to set up deals and improve board state, but in joust, you might possibly be handing your opponent they key they need to beat you. Still, it's going to be used in decks that really need a particular location like Riverrun (LoW) or The Wall (RotO).
Feb 21 2015 09:02 AM

Does anyone think that this plot could/should be used in a HoD deck to counter the threat of A City Besieged?  I'm thinking more about low-cost HoD locations (i.e. The Scourge) which potentially face early discard.  


Your opponent flips ACB, you flip BS, both players discard a location, both players search a location (in your case a dupe) out of their decks.  Obviously when you replay your HoD location it comes back into play without any of the immunities of the agenda and is therefore far more vulnerable, but at least you've got it back in play in the same round it was discarded.  Is it worth the risk of giving your opponent this advantage for the sake of getting the HoD location back...?

I don't think it is, no. Giving a Lanni player their Iron Throne or Disney (Lannisport) Brothel, or anyone Harrenhal is enough to scare me out of this plot.

If you are that worried about A City Besieged, run A Time for Ravens instead and get a Greenseer's Raven. Do it as your first or second plot since you won't win initiative against ACB when it is revealed (I'm assuming a 2 cost location here). You'll have to face 1 turn of intrigue that's all, shouldn't be a biggie if Scourge is your HoD location since Martell are strong there.
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Why use this to replace your HoD location after ACB is played instead of using it before to dupe it for the save against ACB? That way, you don't lose the immunity.

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Whilst this is true, you also are playing a plot that gives your opponent a location and effectively gives you nothing for that turn, since the opponent can't hurt your HOD location for the most part anyway, in exchange for saving the gold it will cost to replay the location.

Chances are he'll pick a different target when he uses ACB. In the example of a Scourge deck, removing the Brimstone is nasty enough.

And he could always have a way to cancel the dupe, making the argument moot either way. In short, Kennon's original summary pretty much is it.
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Oh, undoubtedly. I don't think this plot should be used in an HoD deck, particularly a Joust deck. It's drawbacks are much greater than its rewards in that context. I was just postulating that if you were going to play it, it might be worth playing it early for a dupe instead of late for a replacement.

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Novice player question - when you play this, do you get to look through your whole deck and select any location you wish or do you reveal cards until a location pops up and that is the card take?

Novice player question - when you play this, do you get to look through your whole deck and select any location you wish or do you reveal cards until a location pops up and that is the card take?

You can look through your entire deck and take any location you wish, or some other card that meets the criteria for the search effect (such as Riders of the Red Fork).

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