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Counting Favors

Counting Favors

Counting Favors

Type: Plot House: Neutral
Income:3 Initiative: 3 Claim: 1
Game Text:

When revealed, choose an opponent. Then, you and that opponent each draw three cards.
Number: 203 Set: Core
Quantity: 1 Illustrator: Katherine Dinger
Recent Decks: renown and dominance
Baratheon: Power & Fury (Final Version 60 Cards)
A Viper in Oldtown (Melee)
Qod Armies
Weird attachment hand


One of the very best deal making plots for melee. Players frequently fall over each other trying to beg you to pick them.
Jun 27 2014 02:53 PM
So, if I draw 3 cards now , I couldn't draw more cards until The end of The round? ? I Mean, dies this card Cap My draw capacity? ?
Jun 27 2014 03:51 PM
It does as Lona's your draw cap hasn't been increased by some means (like the A Song of Fire agenda)
Jun 27 2014 03:54 PM
Long as*
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Jun 27 2014 06:40 PM
Ok thanks
Players cannot draw, by any card effect, more than 3 additional cards in addition to the 2 cards drawn during the draw phase. Thus, each player draws 2 cards during the draw phase as nor- mal, and through card effects may draw up to a maximum of 3 additional cards in the course of a single round.  


As far as I can understand, 3 additional cards + 2 cards. Hence, I can draw 2 cards during the draw phase, or not?  

You always draw two cards during the draw phase. In addition to that, you can draw up to three additional cards in a round via various effects, such as this plot. So, if you played this plot, you would draw three cards, and then draw two more in the draw phase, but you could not draw any more cards during that round.