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Daario Naharis

Daario Naharis

Unique Daario Naharis

Type: Character House: Targaryen
Cost: 3 Strength: 3 Icons: Military,Intrigue, Power
Game Text:
Ally. Mercenary.
At the beginning of the dominance phase, discard 1 gold from any player's gold pool or discard Daario Naharis from play.
Number: 114 Set: Core
Quantity: 1 Illustrator: Roman V. Papsuev
Recent Decks: Targaryen 2x Core
Dragon Melee
Starting Targ
Targaryen Ambush
Daenerys' Dragons


Great stats, particularly as a deadly tricon, but the drawback is pretty hefty and he's been overshadowed by his newer version. Still, could still be playable in melee where you are much more likely to have 1 gold in some player's pool to discard.
the difference between this and Sorrowful Man (APS) is that sorrowful man has the word choose before the 2 options and thus you can choose to pay 1 gold even if you don't have one while daario naharis you must discard 1 gold at all costs or he gets discarded. Am I correct?
Jun 07 2012 01:43 PM
Jun 07 2012 07:33 PM
I think his new version is better in melee. You have more targets for his into play ability and he has melee himself.
Can he discard from an opponent's gold pool then?
It says "any player's gold pool", so yes. They must of course have gold in it, or he will be discarded from play instead (unless you have gold to discard yourself). :)

Guys, could anyone clarify me the order of the action of this card, and (for example) event "Call Their Bluff" (which says: Dominance: Pay 2 gold to name a card. Each opponent then reveals his or her hand and discards all cards with that name.) - as I understand, Daario's "At the beginning of the dominance phase..." should be done firstly, before the appearance of the action window?


p.s: as for action window on the dominance phase, please correct me if I'm wrong: it appears after the winner of the dominance was rewarded?

The Dominance phase goes as such:


1. Dominance phase begins

2. Count standing STR/Award Dominance


4. Dominance phase ends


Daario is a passive ability that initiates (whether you want it to or not) at the beginning of the Dominance phase - so, Step 1 above (right after players bring cards out of Shadows). You then determine who wins dominance (if anyone) in Step 2, and THEN you can trigger Dominance and/or Any Phase actions in Step 3.

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