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Borderland Keep

Borderland Keep

Borderland Keep

Type: Location House: Stark
Game Text:
Westeros. The North.
House Stark only.
Response: Discard Borderland Keep from play (cannot be saved) to cancel 1 effect triggered during a Military challenge.
Number: 62 Set: TWH
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Jason Caffoe
Recent Decks: Local Tourney, 1st place Palm Bay, FL
Direwolves siege
Aaron's - 1st DC - Stark Siege Deck
Stark Defense
Come At Me, Bro vs. 2


I know people use this card to stop their opponent from saving characters using dupes during military claim, but can this be used to cancel events played after winning or losing the military challenge? For example, Deadly Khalasar or Die by the Sword.
Oct 24 2013 02:19 PM
Yes. Responses to winning/losing are still considered within the challenge.

It's very useful against Red Vengeance. This is enough to make this card deserves a better rate.

While you can use Borderland Keep to cancel a Red Vengeance, since it is a location your opponent will be aware that you have it. A savvy opponent will just save their Red Vengeance, or use He Calls It Thinking to cancel the cancel.

In Joust format at least, location based cancels are more often used to stifle options and force your opponent to play around or remove them rather than actually being used to cancel an effect. In a melee game there's a better chance of actually using it since you can use it during a challenge your not even involved in, but otherwise it's unlikely to actually be used in a game.