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Type: Event House: Lannister
Game Text:

House Lannister only.
Response: If an opponent would win an Intrigue challenge against you, cancel the determination of challenge winner. You automatically win the challenge.
Number: 64 Set: TWH
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Nicholas Cloister
Recent Decks: PBtT Rush
Lanni Challenge Control
[AGoT] Regionals (April 2014) Lanni Melee keyword deck
Lannister Joust Winter
Lannister PBtT


What is my total strenght when I win this challenge?I wonder can it work with "terminal schemes"

Jul 30 2014 10:20 PM

I would imagine that you couldn't because you won by an unspecified amount.

I thought we must count.I go by 2,opponent 6.Difference 4.Does it make sense.

Yeah, you win the challenge. But not by 4 or more strength. In the case you present, you win by a card effect (not by strength).

I got it,Thanks))))

My question is does this work in conjunction with "when X character wins in a challenge he/she participated in" (ala LotR Cersei or the Tyrion that allows you to play cards that would be discarded from Intrigue), do those effects go off? Technically, they didn't win the challenge, the event won it for you?

I'll really have to defer that question to someone with a higher pay grade, as my statement "you win by a card effect (not by strength)." May be a bit more ambiguous than i realised.


However, in reference to those characters abilities I think the templated phrase would cover that base as it doesn't specify that the character must win by using its strength. 


"After you win an Intrigue challenge in which Cersei Lannister participated"


"If you win a challenge in which Tyrion Lannister attacked alone"


"After you win an Intrigue challenge or a challenge in which Tyrion Lannister participated"


I suspect that


a) since the final determination was that the challenge was won; and,

B) that character was participating in the challenge (or attacked alone, etc)




c) That ability can trigger.

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This is correct.
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If my opponent wins an unopposed Intrigue challenge against me and I use this card, do I get the power for the unopposed as well?


Also, whose claim value gets used: mine or the opponent's?

Dec 31 2014 09:29 AM

You made wrong questions:

Do you get power of unopposed by winning in defence?

Do you discard card from your opponent hand by winning in defence?


No and no. 


This card just change the result of a challange not the mechanic of this game :P

To say all that more directly: You would win the challenge, but you are still the defender. When the defender wins a challenge, there is no claim or unopposed bonus to resolve.

Ah yes, of course. :)