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Kraken Tattoo

Kraken Tattoo

Kraken Tattoo

Type: Attachment House: Greyjoy
Game Text:
Attached character gains the Ironborn trait. Response: After a card is discarded from a player's deck, attached character gets +1 STR and Intimidate until the end of the phase.
Number: 10 Set: CoS
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: German Nobile
Recent Decks: Kingdom Come
Greyjoy War Raiders v2
GJ White Book Kingsguard
Greyjoy deck rob
GJ Mill/Raiders


Does this card stack the +1 if say, 3 other players discard a card?
Dec 25 2011 04:16 AM
I would say yes. It is a response to each card discarded, so I would say it adds strength (and intimidates I guess) for each card discarded. Say if a character had multiple tattoos (after having a rebellious youth), I would say those stack as well.
I would as well. I doesn't say 'Limit One'
So, say I discard 3 cards from an opponent's one deck in one go (for example with Called to Arms (CbtC)) does that mean the character with Kraken Tattoo attached gets +3 Str until the end of the phase? Or would it only work as a +1?
it doesn't say "limit once" so, I'd say you get a +1 for every card discarded. Fantastic in a discard deck
Jan 18 2012 02:45 AM
Not only would you get plus three strength, but you get triple intimidate, which is a game changer on some occasions ;)
I disagree. After the effect is triggered once (the number of discarded cards is irrelevant) it stays in effect "until the end of the phase"
You can trigger the same effect more than once. It won't add any more Intimidate, but it will add more STR. I believe that you can also respond after each card is discarded.

So, why do you disagree?
The discarding of cards is triggering a lasting effect and each time it is triggered it will apply that lasting effect, it is not turning off or on a constant ability. While it does grant Intimidate each time it's triggered having Intimidate more than once is no more useful than having it once, unless someone is trying to remove it.
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Mar 06 2012 12:56 PM
Additionally if you were to discard multiple cards (from one or more opponents) since each of the discards triggers the effect, it takes multiple cancels to stop the multiple triggers.

So the (lasting) effect can be triggerd multiple times before it is resolved (which would be at the end of the phase)?
Mar 09 2012 01:59 PM
Each and every card discarded (or drawn) is a separate action. You may respond to each and every action separately.

This + Heads on Pikes

Won't it gain an additional "Intimidate"? Just in case someone played a card that says "character loses keywords and traits..." Thus having two "Intimidate"s would be useful.

Aug 28 2014 07:00 PM