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Shadow Politics

Shadow Politics

Shadow Politics

Type: Event House: Neutral
Game Text:
Small Council.
Response: After Shadow Politics comes out of Shadows, choose a player. That player may initiate an additional Intrigue challenge against an opponent of his or her choice as a standard player action this phase.
Crest: Shadow
Number: 18 Set: CoS
Quantity: 1 Illustrator: Ian Kirkpatrick
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does this card allow a player to initiate a challenge outside of the challenges phase?
correct...it works in the same manner as Lucas Blackwood (GotC)
Thanks a lot, just as i thought. I'll use it to trigger Knight of Flowers (TftH) response more than once per round in my new deck, I wonder if it's worth all the setting up it needs.
How do you plan on giving him an Intrigue icon? :)
Jul 30 2012 08:41 PM
or standing him ;)
Court Advisor (PotS) and Game of Thrones (LotR) would be my suggestion ;)
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Might be tough since you would then have to play Shadow Politics at the beginning of a phase before the challenges phase (if you want to trigger his response for another challenge in the challenges phase). And having 1 gold when marshalling or an earlier phase begins requires additional stuff.

Edit: Or of course stand him after challenges and play Shadow Politics after the challenges phase - which Bara doesn't have much trouble doing. But still requires more cards! ;P
When is the soonest after your marshaling that this card could be played? The only possible opportunity I could see is during the payer action window in marshaling. I don't think you can play an event during your marshaling though, can you?
Aug 05 2012 03:49 AM
You bring it out of shadows at the beginning of a phase, so if you are trying to do this in marshalling you already need to have a gold token. Because shadows actions come before counting gold of the marshalling phase. However,a good use of this event could be playing it during to Dominance phase, especially with have any number of the available non-kneel to attack effects in play.
Yes, Shadows cards (cards with an "s" in its cost) can only, unless otherwise stated, be played at the very start of a phase. Normal event cards can be played during the marshalling phase if is says "Marshalling:" or "Any phase:".
Barring gold in the pool at the beginning of marshaling, at the beginning of challenges is the most likely first opportunity to bring this out of shadows? It would happen before the first player's challenges then?
May 15 2013 03:38 PM
If I were to bring this out of shadows at the beginning of Challenges, and Im the 2nd player, do I get to initiate my Intrigue challenge right away or do I need to wait til Im the active player?

Wondering for triggering Cersei Lannister (AToT) effect prior to my opponent triggering any challenges.
It being a standard player action means you can do it in any player action window - and there is indeed one of those before the opponent would get the chance to initiate a challenge. So there's no need to wait until you're the active player.
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If I used this in Dominance, would I be right in saying that a Stark player couldn't use Bouncy Catelyn since her ability is restricted to Challenges: ?


EXACTLY the answer I wanted to hear, my good man. At ease.
This could work nicely with Black Sails.

I'm relatively new to AGOT, but can someone verify if this is legal:


Marshalling: Use Shadow Politics to initiate the 1st Intrigue challenge.

Challenges: Use Cersei (LotR) with Power of the Throne Agenda to initiate a 2nd and 3rd Intrigue challenge, followed by a 4th (3rd this phase) by discarding Myrcella.

Dominance: Use a 2nd Shadow Politics to initiate a 5th Intrigue challenge.

Epic: Use The Battle of the Blackwater to initate a 6th Intrigue challenge.

Standing: Use a 3rd Shadow Politics to initiate a 7th Intrigue challenge.


Is there a way to do more than seven Intrigue challenges in a round?


I'm only relatively new to the game, so sorry if I'm merely stating what others have known for ages.



You can play more than one epic battle, there are several that let you pick the challenge type.

Or for fun, have Lady Genna (CbtC) and Cersei Lannister (LotR) and use Shadow Politics during the marshalling phase. After they marshal their characters, have Cersei attack until you win (unless they have a non-kneeling intrigue defender). If you use PbtT they could grab some extra cards or power, but to do so they will have to give up intrigue defenders before the challenge phase even starts.

Nov 21 2014 05:22 PM

The Breaking of Oaths (KotSea) will also give you an additional intrigue challenge, although it does confer the same advantage to your opponent.

Another question for the card: Can I choose myself to perfom another intrigue challenge, or it has to be someone else at all costs?

You can choose yourself.

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