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Maester Malleon's Tome

Maester Malleon's Tome

Unique Maester Malleon's Tome

Type: Attachment House: Stark
Game Text:
House Stark only.
Attached character gains an Intrigue icon. Response: After Maester Malleon's Tome comes out of Shadows, attach it to a unique character. Then, if it is Winter, look at an opponent's unused plot deck, and move a plot card from that plot deck to that player's used plot pile.
Crest: Shadow
Number: 63 Set: TftRK
Quantity: 1 Illustrator: Yulia Startsev
Recent Decks: Stark Winter Shadows
Stark Shadows grow long in Winter v2
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Has anyone had much luck with this? I ask as I am thinking of a Stark winter-shadows deck, and am working out if this is worth using. With Hidden Chambers and Tower of the Hand, the cost can be mitigated, Intrigue is never a bad icon to gain, and there are enough Uniques in Stark to put it on someone.
I remember that ~2 years ago, a French player made Top 4/8 (maybe even won) their Nationals (60+ players, if I recall correctly) with a Stark deck that used this to strip their opponent of Valar. So, there definately is some applicability there.

That said, I have no recollection on what the rest of the deck was like... Wildlings, 6 Agendas or Siege sounds most probable for the time period.

This is currently the only card that can kill an opponent's unused plot, correct?

Oct 09 2014 02:09 PM

If by kill you mean forces them to skip it by placing it in their used plot pile.  yes.  it is also the only card that gives you access to knowledge of your opponent's plots.