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The Red Keep

The Red Keep

Unique The Red Keep

Type: Location House: Neutral
Game Text:
King's Landing.
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If The Red Keep would leave play, it goes into Shadows instead of going to its owner's hand, deck, discard, or dead pile.
+3 Influence.
Crest: Shadow
Number: 78 Set: TftRK
Quantity: 1 Illustrator: Ryan Barger
Recent Decks: Targaryen Dragons AMBUSH
Buying Armies
Baratheon KOTHH
Bara KOTHH post FAQ taken to London Regional
Income denial


If the Red Keep is in the Shadows can it be discarded by The King's Law (KotStorm)?
I'm pretty sure that cards in the Shadows area are not considered being in play, and therefore The King's Law can discard it from shadows, since it doesn't cause it to "leave play", only leaving the shadows area.
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Ah thanks again... I just stumbled across the ruling in the "Rules for the Shadows mechanic from the King's Landing expansion"

While a card is in Shadows
Cards that are in Shadows are not considered to be “in play,” nor are they considered to be “in hand.” They are considered to be “in Shadows.”

Perfect :)
If I play Street of Silk (LotR) and I choose the red keep, it returns in shadows, right?
Yes, as the replacement effect on The Red Keep will return it to the shadows.
What happens if my opponent uses Support For The Kingdom to steal this and then I Search and detain it? Does it go to his shadow or mine?
Jan 09 2013 01:52 AM
Unless otherwise stated like with Balon Greyjoy (AToT), when a card leaves play (to hand, deck, shadows, discard pile, dead pile or becomes an agenda) it always goes to the owners out-of-play area.