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Ser Mandon Moore

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Ser Mandon Moore

Unique Ser Mandon Moore

Type: Character House: Neutral
Cost: 2 Strength: 3 Icons: Military
Game Text:
Knight. Kingsguard.
No attachments except Weapon.
Challenges: Bring Ser Mandon Moore out of Shadows and into play by paying the rest of his gold cost.
Response: After you win a challenge in which Ser Mandon Moore participated as the defender, choose and kill a participating character.
Crest: Shadow
Number: 117 Set: TBoBB
Quantity: 1 Illustrator: Tim Arney-O'Neil
Recent Decks: Stark Winter Shadows
Stark winter control
lanni - knights
Kingsguard targ
Stark & Baratheon Shadow


Just to check, can I bring this card in to play after attackers have been declared against me? It seems a bit unnecessary to have the Challenges response in there otherwise.

You can use the "Challenges" ability to bring him out of Shadows and into play at any time that you can take a player action in the Challenges phase - including the window between declaring attackers and declaring defenders (as you say, the most advantageous time to do so). Just keep in mind that your opponent will have the opportunity to stealth past him (if any of his attackers have stealth) before you can declare him as a defender.