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Euron Crow's Eye

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Euron Crow's Eye

Unique Euron Crow's Eye

Type: Character House: Greyjoy
Cost: 5 Strength: 4 Icons: Military,Intrigue, Power
Game Text:
Lord. Ironborn.
Immune to events.
While Euron Crow's Eye is standing, House Greyjoy characters you control gain stealth.
Flavor Text: Only one living kraken has never known defeat.
Only one has never bent his knee.
Number: 4 Set: KotS
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Roman V. Papsuev
Recent Decks: Aeron & Theon
Greyjoy unopoosed saves
Mike Greyjoy v6
Greyjoy Raider Discard


pretty expensive but can be a game winner if you have a bunch of characters on the board
Jun 24 2012 05:24 AM
step 1: Give him Driftwood Crown (MotM) step 2: The Power of Faith (KotStorm) step 3:.... step 4: win.
He cannot be saved by Risen from the Sea (KotS), correct?

He can NOT be used as one of the characters, to get a power on the dominance phase (as part of the "Kingsmoot" event), correct?

Characters cannot be immune to costs. So he could be one of the 2 standing Ironborn characters you kneel to pay the cost of Kingsmoot, but he cannot be the one that stands/claims power.

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ktom, thank you for your feedback. One more question, regardign cost of the event. For example, event "You've Killed the Wrong Dwarf!" says: "Any phase: Choose and kneel a non-Noble character. Then, that character claims 1 power." - where is the cost here? Does it mean, that I can choose Euron Crow's Eye as a character, to be knelt, and do not give him any power (because of his immune to this event)?

You can always recognize the cost in an effect because the effect includes some form of "do X to do Y." (It's the word "to" that gives it away.) "X" is the cost; "Y" is the effect. If a character is immune to the effect, it cannot be touched by whatever Y is, but it is fair game to X. So with, "Kneel 2 ironborn characters to choose and stand a unique Greyjoy character," X is "kneel 2 ironborn characters," which can apply to Euron, and Y is "choose and stand a unique Greyjoy character," which cannot apply to Euron.


The important thing to note is that not all effects have costs. If there are no costs, then everything is the effect, which cannot touch the immune character.


"You've Killed the Wrong Dwarf!" has no cost. You can tell because there is no "to" anywhere in its text. So there is no "X" which could affect Euron. Rather, the whole thing is "Y," which rolls right off him (even if it would be beneficial to him).

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Guys, we had an interesting discussion with the players regarding the ability to steal the keywords from the character and passive abilities, which gave us the keywords.
For example Euron (while he is standing) give a Stealth for each House Greyjoy characters you control. If any effect (for example Arya Stark from the Course Set) steal the Stealth from any of the House Grayjoy character, should that character still has the Stealth (in case, that Euron is still standing, and should continue gave a Stealth)?
Could you please provide me with the link to the documentation, where this case is mentioned?

You can check the discussion under King Balon's Host to see more thoughts on this, but it boils down to whether a card has a keyword or not is a function of the number of effects giving it a keyword minus the number of effects removing that keyword.

A Greyjoy character with printed Stealth would have 2 instances of Stealth while Euron is standing. If an effect caused that character to lose Stealth (let's say core Arya), it would lose 1 instance and still have 1 instance remaining, so the character would still be considered to have Stealth. However, if after that Euron was knelt, the effect granting the second instance of Stealth would end, so the character would be back to 1 instance of gaining Stealth (Stealth printed on the card) and 1 instance of losing Stealth (core Arya) for a net result of 0 instances of Stealth - no Stealth.


Check here for the last FAQ for first edition:



Page 10 has an explanation of cards gaining abilities/text/keywords, page 14 has an explanation of gaining instances of keywords.