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Bound by Blood

Bound by Blood

Bound by Blood

Type: Event House: Baratheon
Game Text:

Challenges: Return 1 House Baratheon character to your hand (cannot be saved) to put another House Baratheon character with the same cost (and different title) into play from your hand.
Number: 35 Set: KotStorm
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Tiziano Baracchi
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How does this work with Shadows? Could you remove
Shireen Baratheon (FtC) and replace it with
Stormlands Smuggler (ASoSilence)? Or is the smugglers cost 3?
The shadow rulebook says that the cost of a shadows character includes the 2 gold shadow cost. So Stormlands Smuggler costs 3.
This could work in your favor though. You can return Sister of Truth (KotStorm) to play The Laughing Storm (GotC)
Thanks. I was just looking for another use for this card other than returning a knelt character to put a standing one in play.
You can return a character that has a bad attachment or lowered force (against burn decks) to your hand to protect him. Or use the enterplay effect of both chars even when you can's play both.
can you return a character which is not yours to your hand ? and put one that is yours.... then you are the owner of the character you took into hand because it's not in play anymore ... right ?
Oct 18 2013 02:07 PM
Several reasons you can't do what you are attempting.

1) Anytime an effect is worded "do X to do Y" such as this event: "return character to put character into play", the X portion is a cost. Cost for effects can only be payed by cards that you control. So you have to return a character you control.

2) It is possible through other card effects to take control of another player's characters. If you have done this, and they are Bara affiliation, you can use them to pay the cost of this effect. However, any time a card leaves play for any reason it ALWAYS goes to the owners "out of play" area. So you would be returning the character to your opponent's hand, but could still put your character into play from your hand.
This should work fine with Dale Seaworth (AToTT).
Since this card does not specify "printed cost", is there any way to abuse that I wonder?