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Feast or Famine

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Feast or Famine

Feast or Famine

Type: Plot House: Neutral
Income:0 Initiative: 5 Claim: 2
Game Text:

When revealed, you may choose to add +6 gold to your income this marshalling phase. If you do, you cannot initiate challenges this round.
Number: 54 Set: KotStorm
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Marco Siegel
Recent Decks: The Tully's of Dorne
Baratheon KOTHH
Stark Bolton HOD Skopje Edition
Martell v.1 Skopje Edition
Baratheon =)


I have a question: can you use this effect when you have the Knights of the Hollow Hill agenda? Thanks
Yes I believe so. It is actually adding it to your income, not providing a gold bonus
I never really thought too much of this card and had kind of dismissed it. Then a friend of mine put it into one of his decks and used it with great effect. I played with that deck once, as well, and thought the plot came in very handy. IIRC, the few times that it was used were all for the "+6 gold", but I could certainly see the utility in having the flexibility to go for the 2-claim, zero gold option (e.g. when you don't want to over-extend). Relatively high initiative is very nice, too, added to that flexibility. As I play more and have a bigger card selection, I'm coming to appreciate all the cool stuff you can do/trigger without actually initiating a challenge!
This card is PERFECT for a Tully Riverrun deck! Also, pretty awesome in a melee deck on turn one or two where you don't really NEED to do challenges.
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Can I use Robert Baratheon's ablility: you may initiate an additional power challenge"
with this plot when choosing 6 gold?
May 29 2012 01:18 PM
Nope. Because it does not say "1 less of each challenge", even if you somehow where able to do 3 challenges of the same type this round. If you choose the 6 gold, you cannot initiate challenges this round.
But if i reveal a new plot using say Bran Stark then i would get the 6gold + the other plots income, right?
Nov 01 2013 02:06 PM
Correct. You would get the gold from both but you would still not get to do challenges. Would be an really good "building" turn though!
Yea my rhaenys hill deck use it alot since it ctcles plots like crazy and only attacks lile two times mostly