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Euron's Favor

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Euron's Favor

Euron's Favor

Type: Attachment House: Greyjoy
Game Text:
Attach to a character you control.
Any Phase: Discard a Warship location from play or from your hand to give attached character +4 STR and deadly until the end of the phase.
Number: 106 Set: AHA
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Rafal Hrynkiewicz
Recent Decks: Greyjoy Aggro First Tilt
Greyjoy Limited


I really, really like this card. Since Greyjoy doesn't have many limited responses to worry about, First Mate (SB) can grab the boats out of your discard and put them into play for free. Iron Lore (MotA) is a great way to get back boats and your iron mines/cliffs. It's the surprise strength bump you need for intimidate to work, and it has setup.
Feb 17 2014 04:06 PM
Question. If I were to trigger Long Iron Victory, then discard it to pay for this. Would the game remember that LIV was triggered, and if I won would I still draw? Or does the discarding of the ship negate the passive that would happen?
The effect from LIV was successfully resolved, so, you would draw a card.

This card says "Discard a Warship location from play...". Does it mean I can choose to discard my opponent's warship location to trigger this card's ability?

Dec 08 2014 08:39 AM
No. You can't pay costs with cards you don't control.