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Ser Garlan Tyrell

Ser Garlan Tyrell

Unique Ser Garlan Tyrell

Type: Character House: Baratheon
Cost: 3 Strength: 3 Icons: Military, Power
Game Text:
Knight. House Tyrell.
Renown. Deadly.
If it is Summer, kneel Ser Garlan Tyrell and discard all power from him.
Flavor Text: "That was ill done, Your Grace..."
Crest: War
Number: 22 Set: FaI
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Aaron B. Miller
Recent Decks: Baratheon Knights of the Realm
lanni/bara conquest v2
1st Place Newington CT SC Martell Conquest Bara
Baratheon KOTHH (First Place at HCHC, January 2013)
Baratheon Knights, Slow and Cumbersome


he only kneel when became summer,right? in the next standing phase he is able to stand normally?
He will stand and kneel again. It is a constant passive that is always checking whether it is summer or not.