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Doran's Favor

Doran's Favor

Doran's Favor

Type: Attachment House: Martell
Game Text:

Setup. Attach to a character you control.
Discard attached character from play (cannot be saved) when you kneel Doran’s Favor to pay an influence cost.
[+4 Influence]
Number: 90 Set: FF
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Eric Wilkerson
Recent Decks: Martell Influ
Martell Summer Dayne


So, how would this work with prince's plans? Would you discard the character and the favor then get them back in your hand?
No, because they are not in your discard pile, yet. They go to your discard pile in step 6 of framework action window, and the effect of The Prince's Plans (TIoR) is resolved in step 3.
how would this work in conjunction with characters that cannot be discarded from play?
The characters stay, and you still have 4 influence. Discarding is not a cost with this card.
Works with Beric I guess. And if you're powering a bleeds the negative effect is pretty meaningless. Martell kind of lacks the influence intensive cards that Targ has to make this popular, though.
id pay 2 gold to use this in targ deck

If I attach this to Starfall Merchant (RoR), can I use them both to pay for an effect? Secret Schemes (AHA), for example.

Jul 07 2014 07:07 AM

Hi all, hope someone still follow the discussions for AGOT LCG 1E.

Is Vendor of Venom working with Doran's Favor? I mean, if it has 2 power points of it, and since discarding is not a cost but an effect, could it avoid to be discharged even if the card says "(cannot be saved)"? I guess that immunity to discard effect is not a save effect, but I would be sure.

You are correct, Vendor of Venoms with 2 power would not be discarded if you knelt an attached Doran's Favor. "Cannot" is absolute in aGoT LCG, so any time a card says that something cannot happen, that is the rule. The only way to get around an effect like "Cannot be discarded" is to blank the text of that card that gives it the immunity.

To address the additional point you brought up, immunity effects and save effects are not the same, so a card that is immune to discard ignores all the text about discarding it, even if that text normally precludes saving it.

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Thank you very much Actaeon.