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Cersei Lannister

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Cersei Lannister

Unique Cersei Lannister

Type: Character House: Lannister
Cost: 4 Strength: 3 Icons: Intrigue, Power
Game Text:
Lady. Queen
Cersei Lannister does not kneel to attack during Intrigue challenges.
Response: After you win an Intrigue challenge, Cersei Lannister claims 1 power. Then, Cersei Lannister gains your choice of stealth or deadly until the end of the phase.
Flavor Text: "Tears are not a woman's only weapons."
Crest: Noble
Number: 6 Set: LotR
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Magali Villeneuve
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Finaly we got version of Cersei which reflects her real beuty and abilities. Noble crest, Queen keyword and solid stats. The most interesting are for us her abilities. She does not kneel to attack during intrigue challange and claims power and get one of two usefull keywords: stealth or deadly after winning it.
She can easily attack intrigue with 3 STR then claim power get deadly and attack power. Of course our strategy will focus on having more than 1 intrigue challanges so must have in plot deck would be
The Breaking of Oaths (KotS) and we should consider playing new agenda
The Power Behind the Throne (LotR). To get more speed with gathering power we can add
Lannisport (Core) or Maester Creylen (FtC).
Nov 28 2011 04:56 AM
She's super solid but not gimicky. My only concern would be that she's worth an auto include for lanni decks :)
Ha! Till now I always thought her ability would only function if she participated. That it is basically every INT challenge makes her even scarier to me.
Jul 12 2013 04:07 PM
DEFINITELY an auto-include in ANY Lannister deck. Especially Intrigue centric builds.

Don't leave Casterly Rock without it!
Tunnels/shadows decks may disagree with you there, due to having Cersei Lannister (AToT) for control, and Littlefinger (SaS) for their non-kneeling character, who also won't kneel for POW challenges either.
Cersei doesn't need to take part on the challenge to trigger her ability, and claim 1 power and choose stealth or deadly, right?

(Response: After you win an Intrigue challenge, Cersei Lannister claims 1 power. Then, Cersei Lannister gains your choice of stealth or deadly until the end of the phase.)
How is this card not on the restricted list, it is so powerful.

It's really only powerful in a single type of deck (Power Behind the Throne or some other "multiple intrigue challenge" build). I guess that since it's not a general threat, the FFG powers that be do not see it as needing to be restricted.

Jun 23 2015 07:43 AM

And Milk of the Poppy sorts her out without too much fuss.

Guys, could you please clarify me one thing. I'm attacking with Cersei Lannister (intrigue challenge). My opponent declared defender, but I won. Cersei Lannister claims a power and I can choose deathly OR stealth for her. If I took deathly - should it be implemented as part of the current challenge (firstly - power, after that - deathly) and my opponent should kill his defender (if it doesn't have deathly)?

Her ability is a Response to winning the challenge. Responses are not triggered until after the winner is determined, claim is resolved, unopposed power is awarded, and Renown, Deadly and any other passive abilities are resolved. So, since Deadly is resolved before Cersei's Response triggers, she would gain Deadly too late for it to be used in that challenge.

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