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Myrcella Lannister

Myrcella Lannister

Unique Myrcella Lannister

Type: Character House: Lannister
Cost: 2 Strength: 2 Icons: Intrigue, Power
Game Text:
Challenges: Discard Myrcella Lannister from play (cannot be saved) to allow you to initiate an additional [Intrigue] challenge this phase, to a maximum of 3 [Intrigue] challenges in a phase.
Flavor Text: The girl never wept. Young as she was, Myrcella was a princess born.
Number: 13 Set: LotR
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Martina Pilcerova
Recent Decks: Lannister Intrigue v2
PBTT Lannister Intrigue/kneel
Lannister 60(teste)
PBtT Rush
Casterley Rock Dreams


Jul 23 2013 10:26 AM
does her abillity restricts the number of intrigue chalanges this phase to just - up to 3 intrigue chalanges? because i could do more with couple of cards.
Jul 23 2013 02:57 PM
Yes, she creates a limit of 3 total, regardless of how many you could have.
Is it possible to trigger her effect before paying cost for deadly in case she is defender?
Mar 28 2014 04:21 PM
Nope. You have to have an action window to use Myrcella's ability. You would have to activate it after defenders were declared, which would mean she is discarded and no longer participating. After this action window, the winner is chosen, claim happens, deadly and other passive text/keywords fire(s) and then responses can be triggered for a challenge resolving, in that order, with no action windows in between. Your next action window after the post-defenders window would be after the challenge framework ends.