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The Inn at the Crossroads

The Inn at the Crossroads

Unique The Inn at the Crossroads

Type: Location House: Lannister
Game Text:
X is the number of Clansman characters you control.
[+X Gold]
Number: 23 Set: LotR
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Marc Simonetti
Recent Decks: SummerClan-ister
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lanni - clansmen
Chain-Gang (TMP/Clansman Lannister deck) v2
The Clans go on Holiday


Hell. Yes.
So powerful: i play it x3 in my clan deck to have it each time.
Sep 12 2012 02:12 PM
really helps afford the burned men and ill begotten spoils for some crazy claim effects
Aug 10 2015 02:25 AM

If this locations game text is blanked, does the +X Gold automatically become 0?  We played this, and the owner of the card tried to make the argument that X had to equal something.

When you blank a text box, you take any gold, influence and initiative icons along with the words.

So it's not that the text defining X goes away, leaving the X and a problem of what to do with it. Rather, everything goes away, including the X.