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Routing the Charge

Routing the Charge

Routing the Charge

Type: Event House: Stark
Game Text:

House Stark only.
Response: After you win a challenge as the defender, choose and kill 1 attacking character (cannot be saved).
Number: 33 Set: LoW
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Victoria Ying
Recent Decks: Strength of the Night
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very good card although sometimes it can be a dead card in your hand.
I think this card is going to see a lot more play in my Stark decks now that Naval Enhancements are in the game.
Why would this see play over Lethal Counterattack?

I imagine if you'd won a challenge as the defender, you'd have had to kneel two characters to do so.

Is it LC's necessity of it being stark characters, or the "cannot be saved" component of RtC that makes it desirable?
cannot be saved, and not limited to military challenges, however, this doesn't see as much play as it should.
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I always want to use this but it never quite makes the cut, much the same with Lethal Counterattack. Both are awesome cards but not my preference.
Oct 15 2013 02:21 PM
Both just generally don't fit into the theme of what Stark is trying to do most times, which is all offensive. But if you are building a defensive deck, then this is a vital tool.