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The Siege of Winterfell

The Siege of Winterfell

The Siege of Winterfell

Type: Agenda House: Stark
Game Text:

You cannot claim power for your House except during a Military challenge. Response: After you win a Military challenge, claim 2 power for your House.
Number: 48 Set: LoW
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Andrew Navaro
Recent Decks: Stark Siege - Negotiations
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Direwolves siege
Stark siege
Unique Direwolf


This may seem a noobish question but, I was wondering what happens to power on an opponents house card when using this agenda? I know a stark player can't claim power when using this agenda but, does the power just stay on the opponents house or does it go back to the treasury/power pool?
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When making a power challenge against an opponent the power you take from them is not claimed, it is moved. So you would still move power from their house card to yours for a power challenge, you just would get power for things like unopposed.
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Aug 01 2011 02:34 PM
*Wouldn't - you do *not* get power for UO intrigue/power challenges, but you *do* get to steal/move the power from the opponent's house card to your own for power challenges.
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I took this card to be far more restricting than you are reading it. As with most Agenda's, there is a plus and a minus.

I read this card to mean that during military challenges, you get to claim 2 power on top of however many kills you get from your claim value on your plot card. You could also get renown and unopposed token claims during the military challenges. During intrigue challenges, you would get the hand card(s) discard, but no tokens for Renown/UO. During power challenges you would be moving whatever your plot claim value is and putting the tokens back in the pool, not your house card, no Renown/UO token claims.
Aug 01 2011 06:07 PM
@AceManUSC: That isn't how it works. You do get the claim effects (including moving power from the opponent's house card to your own), as well as renown. It's not don't claim power at all - it is only do not "claim" power for your House. Renown goes on characters, not your house, so you still get renown regardless. Here's how it goes:

Military: If you win, opponent's characters die (assuming you have a claim value), and you claim 2 power. If it's unopposed, you claim a third power. You also claim any renown power.
Intrigue: If you win, opponent discards cards at random (assuming you have a claim value), and you gain any renown power.
Power: If you win, you *move* (different from claiming) power from your opponent's house card (assuming you have a claim value) to your house card, as well as any renown power for your characters.

Make sense? Siege is much stronger than people give it credit for, to be honest.
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Okay, I think everything you said makes sense, except for the power challenges. I don't think you can take tokens off their house and put them on yours since the number of tokens you would be moving are derived from the claim value of your plot card. It seems very clear you are violating the agenda by doing so. I am not trying to be a jerk, I just respectfully disagree.
Aug 01 2011 07:02 PM
Heh, you can disagree all you want, but it's been ruled the way I stated it. :) Here's the relevant post at FFG:
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No smug smiley's required. And the post you linked doesn't actually say that a power challenge is resolved with this agenda by doing X, Y, and Z.
Aug 01 2011 09:43 PM
No indeed - it's not a smug smiley, anyway. The point is that the result of a power challenge is to use the claim value and move that number of power from the opponent's house card to your own (generally - in cases of Brotherhood and perhaps others, this may be different). You aren't claiming power, but instead moving it around.
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Aug 02 2011 01:02 AM
From the FAQ:

Is there a difference between moving power and claiming power?

Moving power is not considered claiming power. If an effect prevents you from claiming power for your House card, you cannot bring power into the game from the power pool and place it on your House card. You can, however, move power that is already in the game onto that House card by, for example, winning a power challenge.
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a little errata on this card would clear so much of this up. Instead of having to carry an FAQ around
Since no one has noted it already, this card also prevents you from claiming power for dominance. In that case, you just prevent your opponent from winning it.
Then you couldn't win dominace or claim power for any uo challenges?
Jun 09 2012 06:11 PM
This distinction is you can win dominance, but you can't claim power for it. You are correct that you can't claim power for uo challenges. Though you can "move" power from winning power challenges.
Jun 10 2012 05:45 AM
Can you claim power during uo military challenges?
Jun 10 2012 08:39 AM
Ah good point, yes you do. So really all you give up is dominance and uo power on two challenges.
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Can you claim power during uo military challenges?

Perhaps a silly question but you also claim the 2 power for the agenda when you win a military challenge as the defender, correct? I only ask because it seems to read as such, but I know successfully defending a challenge is different than winning one as the attacker.
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That is correct.
Awesome. Thanks!
Apr 22 2013 09:54 PM
Note that if a card effect has you "claim" power, such as Make an Example (PotS), you can use these but only during MIL challenges.
Apr 23 2013 06:25 AM
The easiest way to understand this agenda is as follows.

Siege of Winterfell prevents power tokens being placed on the house card that originate from the gameboard/reserve pool EXCEPT while a military challenge is in progress.

All other power movement onto and between characters as well as power movement between house cards (by Power challenges for example) is unaffected by the agenda.
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So I'm guessing you'd trigger the 2 power of this agenda when winning a military battle during the epic phase too, then?
Yep any military challenge, attacking or defending, any phase thats the strategy these decks tend to employ.
Aug 26 2013 12:30 PM
This makes me realize that they designed Siege of Winterfell so it could NOT claim power on all of the tasks that RotO Mel is good at (claiming an additional power for UO intrigue, UO power, and dominance.)

Needless to say -- OOH Mel in a Stark Siege is about as worthless as nipples on a breastplate.