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A Pinch of Powder

A Pinch of Powder

A Pinch of Powder

Type: Attachment House: Neutral
Game Text:
Item. Weapon.
After A Pinch of Powder comes out of Shadows, attach it to a character. Limited Response: After you win an Intrigue or Power challenge by 3 or more STR, return the attached character to its owner's hand. Then, you may kneel 3 influence to return A Pinch of Powder to Shadows. (Limit 1 limited response per round.)
Flavor Text: Card design by the 2008 AGoT Jouse World Champion, Lucas Reed.
Crest: Shadow
Number: 53 Set: PotS
Quantity: 2 Illustrator: John Matson
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Jan 12 2016 09:32 PM

I don't understand this card and why you would ever use it in your deck.  Maybe this is because I don't fully understand the Shadow cards. 


So would I attach this to an opponents character, then if I beat that opponent in either an intrigue or power challenge by 3 or more STR, I then return that character to it's owner's hand?  Otherwise I don't see why I would ever it attach it a character of my own that is in play.

The card only mentions that you need to "attach it to a character". It gives you the option to use it on your own characters, or on your opponent's. 


- If you play it on your opponent (which seems to be the more logical way of playing), things happen as you described. You win your challenge, and return the character to your opponent's hand. Trust me, marshalling a 4 or 5 cost character only to have it bounce back to your hand without any possibility of attacking hurts a lot.Plus, the card gives you the option, especially if you are runnign an influence-heavy deck, to return the card into shadows and repeat the process the following round(s).

- Playing it on your own character can surprisingly work quite well too. Some characters provide effects when they come into play (Daario, Jorah...). Bouncing back those characters in your hand to use their effect again can be devastating and wreck your opponent. I also have ambush decks on top of my head. Imagine that you have Long Lances in play, you attack with Long lances and another character, bounce long lances back into your hand, then ambush it and use its effect to stand the second character. There a quite a few similar combos that you can consider while using this card.