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House Dayne Reserves

House Dayne Reserves

House Dayne Reserves

Type: Character House: Martell
Cost: 8 Strength: 6 Icons: Military,Intrigue, Power
Game Text:
Army. House Dayne.
House Martell only. No attachments.
If House Dayne Reserves is discarded from your hand for the claim of an Intrigue challenge, put it into play instead of your discard pile.
Any Phase: Kneel 1 influence to return House Dayne Reserves to its owner's hand.
Crest: War
Number: 17 Set: PotS
Quantity: 2 Illustrator: Ryan Barger
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This card seemed very cool with all 3 icons. Then I saw where it says, "Any Phase: Kneel 1 influence to return House Dayne Reserves to its owner's hand." I think ensures that this card will never end up in any Martell decks. Seems pointless.
Only the person who controls the card can trigger that ability, so it is not a drawback at all.
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I totally thought this meant anybody can trigger the text since it says Owner's Hand instead of Your Hand.
It specifies owners because someone else could take control of it.
Ye, there could appear several complications if a card could be put into the hand of another player's then its owner's, therefore all such possibilities are avoided. The problem with having a hand where cards are supposed to be hidden but they have different sleeves for one :P
im recently been started playing this game but how is he good ? i mean in what kind of way is taking him back in to your hand good ?
Saves mostly, or being able to bounce to your hand.

Examples, if some one plays Valar Morghulis you can kneel influence to return the card to your hand thus saving it from death.

Or if an opponent attacks in a military challenge and you defend with the reserves and they follow it with an intrigue you can kneel influence to bounce it to your hand and potentially back into play as a standing character (especially if you only have a few cards in hand so chances of discard go up), meaning if you haven't challenged yet its free for you to do so, or it can be used to defend again against other challenges. (Think it works better in a multi player environment but its suitable enough in single)
Whoops, might have made a mistake with the valar comment as the effect from valar resolves as a framework action before your any phase could be triggered. (will check for you, some better rules buff might well beat me to it though)
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hhmm saves can u not only do that when it says respone ?
i mean i cannot kill the reserves for military claim and take it into my hand instead by kneeling 1 influence right?
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No, the influence back to hand ability is not usable as a save. You could trigger it though pre Plot reveal if you thought a Valar was coming or if you were about to play your own.
Feb 21 2013 10:03 PM
it doesnt say where its returning from so ive been playing that i can kneel one influence to return it from my dead pile to my hand....
Feb 21 2013 10:16 PM
You've been playing wrongly then I'm afraid, cards can only trigger their abilities while in play unless they specifically say otherwise. (Or are an event, which obviously is played from hand.)
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I use them as intrigue trap. Waste opponents intrigue. Get them out. Do a challenge, then back to my hand
i love this card. you can lose intrigue, attack or defend, then kneel influence, it makes the opponent afraid of attacking you with intrigue (if they are the first player, especially), and making opponent afraid of attacking you is a great martell's deal.
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