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Rusted Sword

Rusted Sword

Rusted Sword

Type: Attachment House: Neutral
Game Text:
Item. Weapon.
Attached character gets +2 STR and gains a Military icon.
Any Phase: Kneel 1 influence to attach Rusted Sword from your hand to a character you control.
Number: 47 Set: PotS
Quantity: 2 Illustrator: Nate Furman
Recent Decks: Stark Black Sails
Weird attachment hand
Martell Basic
The Many Faces Of Jaqen H'ghar


Apr 21 2012 06:11 PM
If Fear of Winter (BtW) is out, and I play a character, can I then kneel the one influence to attach this to a character? Or does that count as playing/ put into play. I know bringing out of shadows doesn't count, but this is I'm not sure of
No, it counts as putting it into play.
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Jul 28 2015 03:59 PM

I'm confused on this card.  It shows it costs 1 gold to put it into play.  But it says Any Phase: kneel 1 influence to attach it from your hand to a character you control."  So that seems to be contradictory.  Does this mean you can do either or?  Or what am I not understanding?

It means you can do either. You can pay 1 gold to play it from your hand during Marshaling the way you would with any attachment, or you can trigger its ability to put it into play during Any Phase - which could be helpful either because you don't have the extra gold in Marshaling, or you just want to surprise someone in the middle of a challenge.

Jul 28 2015 06:13 PM

Thank you 'ktom'.