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The Conclave

The Conclave

The Conclave

Type: Character House: Neutral
Cost: 5 Strength: 5 Icons: Intrigue, Power
Game Text:
Maester. Conclave.
Reduce the cost to play The Conclave by 1 for each Maester character you control.
Response: After The Conclave is declared as an attacker or defender, until the end of the phase it gains (choose 1) Stealth, Renown, or Deadly.
Crest: Learned
Number: 57 Set: CbtC
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: David A. Nash
Recent Decks: A Viper in Oldtown (Melee)
A Viper in Oldtown (Melee)
Maesters of Defiance
Maesters Behind the Throne


5for5 with two standard maester icons and lerned crest looks like avarage character, but if we add passvie ability to reduce cost by each maester it can become very quickly 2for5 which makes thing completely different. Additionally during defense or attack we can choose one of three keywords depending on our needs. It will work of course in dedicated maester build but the most of it you can get from Martell house I think. If we combine
Maester of War (TWot5K) and To the Spears! (PotS) with 2-3 copy of this card it can be really painfull for our opponent.
It´s restricted now for melee games but not for joust.
Anybody an idea, why FFG made this decision?
Superior Claim and Make An Example too xD

This makes a huge difference to most of the melee decks. Especially my GJ Maesters deck which now runs 4 restricted cards in melee ;(

I'm guessing that Maesters were too powerful in melee, and that the Conclave was too good at grabbing power? Not a very neat solution though, since the Conclave will just end up never being played.
I understand that they restricted the events and that Masters Decks are pretty strong. But why the Conclave in special? I would have assumed more
Archmaester Ebrose (CbtC)... :huh:
Ebrose is one uniq character and only power gain, conclave is one of the best rush tools for maesters as you can have many on board and they are very flexible and also cheaper than ebrose. I still could play it in PBtT deck without the maester agenda and make them no-kneel on 2 I challenges with either

Game of Thrones (LotR) and Schemes of the Scholar (HtS).
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Valid points. Still pretty much ruins dedicated Maester decks and further encourage players to run maesters as a secondary support theme with At the Gates as opening plot, the agenda with a few chains and only a few maesters :/
One could argue that Maesters would be thematically correct as a secondary support theme with a few Maesters. Just saying. ;)
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Well. True. But I think we are past that with an agenda and all :P

it might be a silly question... but I am getting very confused with RESPONSES.


Can I give DEADLY to The Conclave AFTER my opponent declared hsi defenders??




The text doesn't say anything about your opponents defenders.

the response has to be triggered when you declare your conclave as attacker. If you miss this response window you can't trigger it after you opponent has declared his defenders.


Look at the FAQ. As I know every Action Window has his own Response-Window in it, where you can trigger responses which are connected to some thing that happend in this action window. Declaring attackers and declaring defeners are too different action windows and you can't trigger a response because of something happend in any other action window some long time ago.

yeah... I kind had thought so... 

Thanks for the clarification!