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Lucas Blackwood

Lucas Blackwood

Unique Lucas Blackwood

Type: Character House: Stark
Cost: 1 Strength: 1 Icons: Power
Game Text:
House Tully.
Response: After Lucas Blackwood is killed, you may initiate a Military challenge against an opponent of your choice as your next player action this phase.
Number: 1 Set: GotC
Quantity: 3 Illustrator:
Recent Decks: Kindly Stark Version 2.
Local Tourney, 1st place Palm Bay, FL
Stark SoW
Direwolves siege
stark - bear island


Any good ways to recycle this guy, apart from Narrow Escape and Retreat?
Hmm, lets see, and Out of House Asshai Initiate (KotStorm) and Banner for the North (CtB) is all that comes to mind.
The Banner is self-explanatory. Presumably, the Asshai Initiate would be used in concert with something like Regroup (KotStorm) or Winterfell Reserves (Core)? Any less clunky way of retrieving stuff from the discard pile?

Or are you just thinking on using the Asshai Initiate to get to play duplicates?
All of the above actually. Just getting him out of the dead pile is important, but if you can get the same copy back to your hand even better.
Almost autoinclude in Stark build. Cheap character with ok stats and no bad keywords. On it's own he can't do much but can build nice combos with Icy Catapult (TWot5K) attached we get kill and military challange. We can kill him easily with House Umber Berserkers (BoRF) or
Grey Wind (LoW). Of course we must have some solid presence to be able to attack twice military taking into account our opponent attack. This card is solid but I don't see it's being overpowered.
If I kill this char in the Marshaling phase, when should I initiante the extra Millitary challenge ?
so if he dies, then you do responses to him dying, etc. Then when you can take your next action, you do it.
I just figured out that you probably are wanting to know if you have to wait for your turn to marshal and the answer is no. You can take actions during other people's marshalling phase.
Yep, that was what i was wondering, tyvm for the answer.
You're welcome!
So if he gets killed during Challenges, particularly after his owner's challenges, his ability is wasted? The idea is to kill him during Plot, Marshalling, or Dominance?
I believe if you successfully trigger his response, you can initiate a military challenge as your next player action that phase, regardless of what phase it is, regardless of who is currently the active player, and regardless of the number of military challenges you have initiated this round (assuming no other card or game effect in play limits you from making military challenges). Note that it can only be your very next available player action during the current phase. If you take no action during your next player action window, or take any other action, Lucas will have died in vain.
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Jan 15 2013 03:24 AM
Omek is correct.
Is this challenge considered as additional? I'm second player & my opponent kill Lucas. I initiated military challenge by using his ability. May I initiate normal military challenge after that this phase?
Not only is it additional, it doesn't have to be in the challenges phase.
If someone valars I know that everyone goes to moribund first and you can trigger responses on the cards. Is it possible to trigger his response on a valar and then using the cards in play launch a military challenge and then move everyone to the dead pile after that?
No, you trigger the response, then everyone dies because there's no player action window between his response and the dead characters leaving play. If you were able to save any characters, you could then do a follow up military with them.
May 17 2013 03:08 PM
I've actually played Valar Morghulis (Core) against my opponent's Manning the City Walls (CD). They won initiative, went first, chose my plot to go first. It killed everyone including Lucas. I had saved a few characters but the Stark player had a cleared board. He triggers his plot next and puts in an Army. He triggers Lucas's response and then moribund cards leave play. As his first player action in the plot phase he MIL challenges me, clears my board and reaches 15 power.
Nice ;)
May 19 2013 03:00 PM
I totally have to look into how he works in the Epic Phase, since I don't remember if there is an action window in the Epic Phase?
So, if Lucas is killed for Battle of Oxcross (PotS), he is wasted since there is no action window at the end of the challenge phase when this triggers?
Correct, as there is both no player action window, and no responses during the end of a phase either.