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Support of Saltcliffe

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Support of Saltcliffe

Support of Saltcliffe

Type: Attachment House: Greyjoy
Game Text:
Ironborn character only.

Response: After 1 or more cards are discarded from an opponent's deck, stand attached character.
Number: 8 Set: GotC
Quantity: 3 Illustrator:
Recent Decks: Greyjoy Discard
the poulpys strike back
Greyjoy War Raiders v2
Greyjoy Limited
GJ White Book Kingsguard


Designed as support for discard deck but why Ironborn only and not raiders?
Bloodthirsty Crew (OSaS) and We Take Westeros! (DB) bioth supports Raiders not Ironborns. Of course we can give trait using for example Kraken Tattoo (CoS).
This worked perfectly with Jojen Reed (LoW) until card was errated to Limit 3 times per round.
In new cycle we will get finally character who can benefit from this Euron Crow's Eye (TGM), without trait manipulation. Trait Condition gives additionally small drawback.
Apr 06 2012 06:41 PM
Is the response limited to 3 times per round per attachment or in general. Example if I had two copies of this on one character could I trigger it 6 times per round (3 for each copy) Or if I had one copy of this attachment on two different characters can I trigger 3 times for each character.
It is 3 times per attachment. So one dude can stand 6 times with two attachments or two characters each with one of these will each stand 3 times a round.