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The Maester's Path

The Maester's Path

The Maester's Path

Type: Agenda House: Neutral
Game Text:

Before shuffling your deck during setup, remove up to 12 Chain attachments with different titles from your deck and place them on The Maester's Path.
You cannot win the game if there are any Chain attachments on this card.
Response: After you win a challenge, attach 1 Chain from this card to a printed Maester character you control.
Number: 19 Set: GotC
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Unknown
Recent Decks: All Your Chars Are Belong To Me (1st place Stoke-on-Trent Store Champs 2014)
Only Maesterly Dead (1st Place, Stockton Store Championship 2014)
trag - trait maesters 1st draft
Golden Ebrose
Stags in the Study


Bravo FFG. After many standard Agendas we've got finally fresh and very interesting idea. This idea is so new and good supported that decks based on it were very succesfull this season until it got famous errata with printed maester treat. Even after agenda there are so many possibilities to build either pure Maester neutral deck till even small maester splash to utilize very strong attachments for free !!! It acts as a toolkit to address ale coming threats plus very combo oriented ideas. One of the best designed card in whole AGOT history.
Hi, what does the errata corrects exactly? If you win maester trait by a card (apprentice chain for example)can also be used or only by those who begin with the maester "printed" on its card?
Hi, what does the errata corrects exactly? If you win maester trait by a card (apprentice chain for example)can also be used or only by those who begin with the maester "printed" on its card?
If you win a challenge, you take a chain off your agenda and attach them to a character who has the printed Maester trait. So even if you are removing apprentice collar, you still have to attach it to a Maester if you are bringing it off your agenda.
Different titles meaning you cannot attach 2 of the same chain to this agenda correct?
Whats the preferred number nowadays?

there's not a "preferred" number. it depends on how you build your own deck.

I've gathered that the chains should be placed face up on the agenda (although it is not specified in the text). But should they be attached in a certain order or do I get to choose whichever I want? It does not read "choose and attach" so I thought it needed further explanation but haven't found it anywhere.

Placing them face-up is necessary to establish the requirements of the card (that the chains have different titles).

Consider also that the text of the card does not impose any sort of order on the chains at the beginning of the game. Therefore, there can be no order implied on removing them from the agenda, either. The lack of the word "choose" in the Response does not imply any sort of default order on the chains; it only indicates that the agenda does not target the chain when it attaches it after a challenge.

Ok, so it implies that I can attach any of them, in no specific order. Thanks.

are the chains attachments cards at your command?

No. The chain attachments are not considered to be "attachments" on the agenda, or cards that are "in play". Therefore, they do not meet the definition of cards that are "at your command."