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Doran’s Solar

Doran’s Solar

Doran’s Solar

Type: Location House: Martell
Game Text:
Limited Response: After 1 or more cards are discarded from your hand, kneel Doran’s Solar to draw 2 cards. (Limit 1 limited response per round.)
Flavor Text: Not until the doors of his solar were safely closed behind them did he wheel his chair about to face the women.
Number: 69 Set: A Time for Wolves
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Adam Denton
Recent Decks: No decks currently use this card.


So, this and Open Market is money, yeah?

Kind of.


-  You want the draw earlier (preferably before/during marshalling) than the Open Market provides


-  If you don't have a discard outlet, the Solar is a deterrent to incoming Intrigue challenges.  If you have an Open Market out, a good player realizes you will trigger the Solar in Dominance anyway, so you lose the backup utility the Solar provides if you don't have a discard outlet.


-  If you are running Open Market, you are running Summer.  If you are running Summer, you should run birds/Sam.  If you run birds/Sam, you get 2 valid draw engines but the Solar doesn't work as efficiently if you accidentally cap (I know, first world problem, but whatever).


It isn't bad, necessarily, but I feel like you have to go a little out of your way to use it by including Summer and waiting until Dominance.

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