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Aloof and Apart

Aloof and Apart

Aloof and Apart

Type: Agenda House: Neutral
Game Text:

Reduce the cost of the first character with printed cost 4 or higher you play each round by 2.
Characters you control with printed cost 4 or higher gain prized 1 while leaving play, and cannot be returned to your hand by your card effects or to pay costs.

Number: 18 Set: Secrets and Schemes
Quantity: Illustrator:
Recent Decks: No decks currently use this card.


So FFG feels the need to throw their logo on the cards...huh

Jan 24 2015 10:30 PM

I believe the image used here was from the spoiler which had the logo for copyright purposes. I just checked and the actual card does not have the logo.

Question about the language "gained prized 1 while leaving play." Am I to understand that these cards could not be used by other cards that counted or required prized as a keyword at other points, then (i.e. A Taste for Glory), since the A&A card is only prized when leaving play? Only just noticed this.

Feb 02 2015 06:01 PM

It works the same as the Conquest agenda, except that it covers all "leaving play" effects, rather than just kill or discarded.   So they will only have the prized keyword while they are moribund:somewhere.

Does the limitation on "returning to hand" cover them while they are in dead/discard? Or is it like the text on the card itself, which is not applicable while they're not in play?

Also, do the characters trigger the "title" attachments (Khal, Warden of the ..., etc), or do they gain prized after the time for triggering those attachments has passed?

Feb 13 2015 11:18 AM

It doesn't count from dead or discard. And they don't trigger the Titles because at that time they aren't Prized.

What are people's thoughts on this card? It's a 2 gold economy agenda, the same as Knights of the Hollow Hill, but it's discount is far more limited than KotHH, it adds prized to the cards it discounts, and it doesn't give any initiative or influence. On the other hand, it doesn't screw your setup.

Are there many situations where that's a good trade?

It allows you to play otherwise "unplayable" cards like the kneel-to-kill Areo Hotah, and makes cards like King Robb's Host and the Fleets cost 2g (most of the time), and it gives you a setup.


It mostly opens up deckbuilding options and has made over-costed characters more interesting and playable. 

This agenda is interesting out of Targaryen because of the "cannot be returned to your hand" portion of the text. Unburnt, Ambush from the Plains, and Core Set Drogo become very useful.

I'd call it a drawback on Core Set Drogo. The fact that he returns to hand, where people forget about him and he is safe from Dominance, Standing and Plot phase shenanigans, is a good thing about him. AaA makes him weaker in my book.

True, on closer examination it is more of a draw back in his case. On the flip side, intrigue isn't Targ's strong suit, and he isn't jumping Cat, so getting discarded is a threat. Plus, he has a noble crest for power of blood and would be immune to Ghaston Grey.

This agenda is interesting out of Targaryen because of the "cannot be returned to your hand" portion of the text. Unburnt, Ambush from the Plains, and Core Set Drogo become very useful.

Unburnt was errata'd, it's not as useful as it was.

The errata just makes it playable. It was broken/stupid-powerful before the errata with this agenda. It's still perfectly useful, esp w/ Dany's Chambers.

How does Aloof and Apart work with Ambush from the Plains?  Say if I were to use AftP to put Company of the Cat into play.  Would CoC stay on the table?  (Its a four cost army card)

"Cannot" is absolute. A 4+ cost character returned to play with Ambush from the Plains will therefore remain on the table at the end of the phase.

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Ah, great!  Thank you!

Does this "gains Prized 1 when leaving play" mean that if my printed cost 4 or higher guy who ALREADY has Prized leaves play, that it doesn't change his Prized amount? Is it still Prized 1 total? Or does this add 1 to the Prized value. An example is Robert Baratheon with Prized 2 from 2014. When he leaves play and I run Aloof, will his Prized be Prized 3 or Prized 1? I'm guessing it adds another Prized on top, but it's worth asking, as it's not 100% clear to me.
May 29 2015 01:40 AM

Your guess is correct. I believe technically in your scenario Bob would have "Prized 2" and also "Prized 1" both of which would occur separately when he leaves play. So it's effectively "Prized 3", the only time I can think of where the exact timing matters is with "Infamous!".

Yeah, makes sense. Exploit failed! :)
Jun 07 2015 11:16 PM

"Prized 1 when leaing play",
Prized is normally just discard and dead pile from play.
Should a character be returned to your hand (an out of play state) with an opponents effect such as Ghaston Grey, would that character give Prized 1. Or would you count the normal prized effects?
Much head scrating over this one.............

Jun 08 2015 12:20 AM

Technically yes they would gain "Prized 1" while being returned to hand, returned to shadows etc. However, opponents only claim power for the prized keyword when the character is killed or discarded from play, so although they have "Prized 1" it is irrelevant as your opponent(s) don't claim any power for it.

Jun 08 2015 09:10 AM

Thats pretty much how i see it as well Redviper.
Caused soem head scratching in our meta.