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  Deck Name Deck Strategy Rating Author

Asdf colinicas

----- lavieja

The Dayne City Maeters!

This deck looks pretty silly. But, it also looks pretty fun. Cannot wait to try it out. ----- kenaris

My first Deck

Oh, just trying to bulid something from PotS and a few Chapter pack. I'm very limied on plots to use but I guess you gotta start somewhere... ----- BraidsMamma

Vipers Brotherhood v2

utilizing the current chapter pack with Martell into a power rush deck ----- jackmerridew

Martell Deadly

get TRV with a weapon attachment and Lost oasis and watch the fun unfold ----- jackmerridew

Martell Brotherhood League Play

Special deck built for limited league play ----- PulseGlazer

Murder in the City

Three different forms of targeted kill; Areo Hotah, Venomous Blade and City of Soldiers. ----- kenaris

Summer Armies

Use the search plots (time for Ravens, Summoning Season) to fill in the gaps of what you did not initially draw and hopefully be able to play Samwell and black raven on turn 1 to get the extra draw. From there start playing army cards and doing Hulk smash. Use Make an Example to cash in on big wins. ----- kenaris


----- ShadowcatX2000

Martell weenie

----- horbald

martell - dreams of icons

----- icarus911

First try at building a deck, Martell

I'm still getting used to the game and don't quite have very many cards, but I wanted to build my own custom Martell deck... I know it lacks focus but any help and advise would be greatly appreciated ----- rbad

Martell Attempt 2 (: -looking for feeback

Basic martell icon control would love to get some feedback any at all (: ----- mnBroncos

Unopposed/un-knelt smash

This is not a pure brotherhood deck... The idea behind the deck is just not kneeling to attack... ----- Sephibaby


----- farovski