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  Deck Name Deck Strategy Rating Author

Lose to Win v2

Lose your challenges witfully...and you will win in the end...be sure to have at least the Red Viper and Ellaria Sand sand out...Blood of the Viper might help too :) ***** Devastazione

Beachballs (1st Place, London Store Championship 2014)

In short, use the River plots and Summer tech to get swamped in card and resource advantage. Play Ghaston and Nobles, bounce half of your stuff to bounce all of their stuff. Profit. ***** JCWamma

1st Place IA Regional 2013

  Martell, 2013 Regional, 1st Place
****- bobenfett

Martell Iso - First place GTA Regional

  Martell, 2013 Regionals and 1 more...
What this deck accomplishes is more than establish a strong defence. ----- Cobe

Martell - KotR Joust

This deck relies on being fast and brutal and making opponents think twice before engaging you. Any suggestions are welcome. ***** IMba

House Dayne

***** VF0079

Martel Quentyn Melee

Meant for Melee
Summoned by the conclave turn one for Flea Bottom Scavenger.
Plots and events to slow them down.
----- Alaka

Sand Snake

With this Deck I keep my opponents weary of attacking me, while I look for a late game win. ----- Dryzen

Martell Rush - The Naked Deck

For a write up on the deck check out the three part series in my blog on it at:
***** darknoj

Alchemist Martell

Built around having more deadly characters than anyone else and punishing them for winning challenges against me. ***** jackmerridew

1st Place Newington CT SC Martell Conquest Bara

This original deck idea was not made by me! I played it on OCTGN and adapted it. ***** Talieson

Martell Melee Maester Rush (1st Place, Hockley Melee Regional)

  Martell, Melee
Setup a lot of weenies, have a Conclave in hand, trade Summoning Seasons for the other two then flip into To the Spears and win. ----- JCWamma

The Tully's of Dorne

This is the deck that I took to UK Nationals. Sadly it only went 3-3, coming 34th out of 51 people. ----- NuFenix

The Only Way is Orphan - Rayleigh, Essex (UK) Regional Winner 17/05/2014

----- OldShrimpEyes

Martell Quentyn

----- CasusBelli

Bloodthirst 3rd UK nats after swiss (5W1L)

Attempt at building a non NPE BT deck. ----- Jhandy27

Quentyn and the Sand Snakes

Essentially this is the Sand Snake and Quentyn deck I was looking to build. It just seems like a fun deck. ----- Jovan

Martell Summer Control

Classic Martell Summer Control, with a personal twist focusing on challenge denial, and trying to adapt to the current meta with the new cards available for every house. ***** Xabal

martell bloodthirst 3rd place batalla por el mure top 4 octgn tourney

----- alextrigw

Icon Domination

Get those orphans and other icon controlling characters out there along with your base influence to really piss some high strength characters out of the fights. If anyone has card suggestions, please tell ! ***** fourhoursemen

Martell KotHH Valar Midwestis

  Martell, Valar Midwestis
If I had it to do over I'd probably drop 1 westeros bleeds for a favorable ground. I'd also very likely drop the 3 copies of The Only Game that Matters for Harmen Uller, a third Starfall Cavalry, and a Darkstar (whom I apparently forgot to run). ****- ShadowcatX2000

[Mellee] Martell FLASH Win!

  Martell, Melee
This deck was thought to prove the efficiency in Martell to rush to win as other decks can do as well. ***** Diogo

Spanish Champion Deck

Stukov, a player from Madrid, is the player who revalidate the Spanish Champion title with this deck ----- Loprw

Martell - Bloodthirsty Summer v2

----- Omek

Oberon and his Offspring (Sandsnakes) v2

Lose all the time - AND WIN! Utilizing Sandsnake trait and vengeful to stand and accumulate power when either winning or losing. Melee deck. ----- Meganthe8