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  • Type: Attachment
  • Faction: Stark
  • Cost: 1
  • Direwolf.
  • [Stark] character only. Terminal.
    Attached character gets +2 STR.
    Action: Pay 1 gold to attach Lady to a different character. Then, if attached character is Sansa Stark, stand her. (Limit once per phase.)
  • Quantity: 1
  • Number: 4
  • Illustrator: Smirtouille
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Thoughts on this card? I doubt she'll really see play outside of decks that start Stark. It also helps Stark/Lion even more appealing thanks to Tyrion's ability. Being able to move Lady around in general can be handy and thankfully it's limited once per phase. Else, Lady would be helping the Starks out in every challenge. As more and more Direwolves come out as well the temptation to run Wolfswood may get greater as well. Which potentially turns Lady into the Stark version of Widow's Wail. 

I like the card.


+2 STR is really pretty decent for 1 gold in the current cardpool. Obviously you really want to be playing this with Sansa on the board when you draw into this but even if you're not it's not BAD to pickup in a draw...


Terminal is sad (but nicely thematic). Also, LOVE the art. 


Honestly, the thing that really bothers me about the card is that it's an attachment (vs all the other direwolves). I get it from a mechanical perspective but it bothers my OCD. 


Does anyone else think this feels like a LotR LCG card? Feels like the Dunedain signals to me. 

Very powerful with Direwolf Kennel Master - basically meaning that any Stark character that can take attachments can join any challenge at a given time (well, as long as you can pay the costs and haven't already moved Lady).

Once per phase rather than round has uses too. I really want to win a game from 13 power by using Consolidation of Power on Sansa in marshalling, then moving Lady to her to stand her and claim the 15th power!
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Can you move her to a non-stark character?

The restriction is constantly checked, so I believe you can because the ability doesn't say stark only, but as soon as you do it'll fall off because it's illegally attached

Think of it this way: Could you marshal Lady onto a non-Stark character and have it be discarded immediately as illegal? No, because the "Stark character only" restriction stops Lady from ever being attached to a non-Stark character.


Same thing happens if you try to move it to a non-Stark character. Since it can never be attached to a non-Stark character, the move is unsuccessful and Lady never leaves the original character (as opposed to successfully moving, then being discarded as illegal). Since the move would be unsuccessful and the attachment never leave the original character, there would be no change in game state if you tried to move it to a non-Stark character, and - of course - if the resolution does not change the game state, you cannot trigger the ability in the first place.


So no, you cannot move Lady to a non-Stark character.

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Thanks, thought so too, but someone on OCTGN insisted it could, and since he was playing the deck, I assume he had checked.

So, I think this is the time to make a question that has been bothering me: The "change to the game state" involves only the board state? So a gold being spent or a card that is discarded as a cost is not considered a change to the game state?

Abilities (RRG, p. 2):

"A card ability can only be initiated if its effect has the potential to change the game state. This potential is assessed without taking into account the consequences of the cost payment or any other ability interactions."


(The rule would be pointless if the consequences of cost payment counted for checking potential to change the game state because pretty much everything has consequences to paying costs - that's why they're "costs".)

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One more for this tricky lady. If I have the wolfswood in play, can I put lady into play to save a character from being burned to death by targ? 

Indeed-a-deed! I didn't ever make it to page 2! :P

Jan 24 2016 11:00 PM
One of my favourite cards ever. Works absolute wonders in stark fealty. Practically any character +2 Str on demand. And can be moved to help save characters from seastone chair. Raise strength above Balons reaches with especially love it with catelyn stark with a Syrios training against greyjoy really annoys them when they go to use iron fleet scout only to realise they can't.