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Muster the Realm

  • Type: Plot
  • Faction: Neutral
  • Gold: 4
  • Initiative: 5
  • Claim: 1
  • Reserve: 6
  • Edict.
  • During a challenge in which you control an attacking Army character, raise the claim value on Muster the Realm by 1.
  • Quantity:
  • Number: 19
  • Illustrator: Jon Bosco
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Every so often I come back to this plot and gaze wistfully at it, thinking about what might have been...


The new Red Cloaks places Armies all over the cost-curve, and now gives them access to all 3 challenge icons. You'd think this would be the perfect moment to build a deck around this card... And that deck seems like it would be really cool!  Vanguard of the North and Jaime Lannister, effortlessly launching multiple challenges amidst a Storm of Swords...


But the reality is that it's difficult to imagine a time when Muster the Realm would compare favorably to Winds Of Winter. Sure, it's +1 Gold and +1 Initiative, but if it's high claim across multiple challenges that you're looking for, Winds Of Winter is just blatantly more reliable (yes, until there are enough good Army cards that you can't find a place for Jaime or Arya).  If you have enough Armies to reliably win all 3 Challenge types, you probably don't need that extra Gold, and if you only can (or care) to make 1 type of challenge, Sneak Attack is superior.  And if that wasn't enough already, Winter seems primed to be a very desirable trait, whereas Edict can only work against you...


This always would have been a niche plot, relying on a very specific deck-build to be even remotely viable. But it just really should have been a 5-gold. Or a War plot. Or just a more interesting or effective ability, like "In each challenge, increase the claim of Muster the Realm by 1 for each participating Army". Instead, we have this useless thing, which––so far––I doubt anyone really plays with. Or will ever.


So, it makes me sad, because the existence of this card means they'll never print the plot we needed. And that would have been a really cool card––one that could have spearheaded the genesis of a whole new type of deck.

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Well, in a Kings of Summer armies deck Winds of Winter won't be an option.

Aside from that its a fair point though!
Apr 04 2016 04:36 PM

Sometimes one gold can make a huge difference, especially since most armies are four gold. I don't see this plot as a replacement for Winds of Winter in the right deck, at least not yet. Rather, I see it as a plot to run in addition to Winds of Winter. With both you can go three consecutive turns with double claim plots for all three challenges. When the new double claim winter plot comes out, you can get four. Add in an economy and utility plot or two, and I think you can build a successful deck.

Khal drogo does well with this plot and a couple of armies, because it's 4 military claim Combo with rhakaro for 4-6 power in one turn I think that's just about the most useful this plot can be, as it gets rid of potentially 4 characters. Of course winds of winter is more reliable, but the 1 gold can be a big deal for things like put to the sword, but regardless I run a deck with both for that sweet 4 military claim in one turn